More New JC Goodies in Patch 3.1

Last night a new update went up on the test realm with a handful of Jewelcrafting recipes added to the mix.  These were easy to find, one was on the token vendor and four were available from the Trainer, right in Dalaran.  The first one is a recipe that I know folks have been waiting on: the Shifting Twilight Opal recipe that's been absent from the lineup since November.

Shifting Twilight Opal (3.1 Jewelcrafting Recipe)

The others are new PVP items with resilience on them, but to me they look more attractive than the current "savage" gear because they have beefier PVE stats.  If I had to choose between the old items and the new, the new ones will give you stronger firepower with roughly the same amount of resilience.  You lose a socket though, but I think the additional stats more than make up for it.  You get two new rings (melee/caster) and two new necklaces (melee/caster) which are all blue quality. All of the PVP recipes come from the trainer in Dalaran:

Emerald Choker (3.1 Jewelcrafting Recipe)

Runed Mana Band (3.1 Jewelcrafting Recipe)

Scarlet Signet (3.1 Jewelcrafting Recipe)

Sky Sapphire Amulet (3.1 Jewelcrafting Recipe)

As a crafter, I like that these items are targetting mats that are to get rid of.   The melee dps necklace requires 3 forest emeralds - a gem that I've had trouble selling for a reasonable price.  Personally I turn mine into dream signets, but now you'd have an alternative product that's less variable in nature.  The caster necklace uses sky sapphires, another low profit gem.  With a new arena season starting soon, entry-level PVP items are likely to be in demand over the next month or so.  Good timing I say!


  1. I found shining forest emeralds,
    to be a very very good way of getting rid of those gems.

    They sell for about the same price as purified twilight opals, and is mainly because the cut comes from a world drop, and also because certain caster dps can use it to satisfy their blue gem criterias.

    I hope these helps you in liquidating your stockpile!

  2. Nice! Thanks for the post =)