WotLK Leatherworking 375-440 (Live)

Some of you may recall that Leatherworking was a big pain for me on the Beta servers, I tried to level it and gave up around 430.  So when it came to level again after Launch, I wasn't exactly hyped about the prospect.  However, last week I was able to make my final push from 425-440.  I have to give credit to BRK for prodding me on this, his post about Leatherworking helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel :)

WotLK Alchemy to 450 (LIVE)

I have been terribly remiss in not writing this post weeks ago, and I humbly apologize.  I've been so busy with all the various professions that it was hard to find time to go back to this.  I suspect that part of the problem was that I did this in such a frenzy during my all-nighter on release day, that I wasn't looking forward to figuring out what I did.  My notes are pretty crappy for that day, all I really have is a bag full of potions that I saved.

Transmogrification... Complete!

I have no idea when this went Live, but last night when I logged in there was a new blurb on the launcher window.  A Draenei dude morphing into a Draenei chic?  The links were a mess and I kept getting page errors or just plain sent to the wrong thing.  Finally I found my way into the Account section and sure enough there was a new option for character reassignment!  Well this is a huge dream come true for me, finally my Alchemist can be the woman he always knew he was on the inside.  I plunked down my $15 for gender reassignment right then and there!!

Loot Recipes Now Online!

I've gotten an unusually high number of emails over the last week or so, informing me of loot drop recipes that aren't on Crafter's Tome.  To all those who contacted me with missing recipes -- thank you :)  This includes my guild leader who messaged me a wall of text on resist enchants and leather kits that they were farming in some zone I won't see for a few more weeks <sniff>.

WotLK First Aid 375-450

Often I work on multiple projects at once and collect materials while I go about my normal activities.  When I feel I'm close enough to cap a profession, I gear up for a final push so I can write up a post.  Over the past couple of weeks I've been slowly leveling my First Aid as I collected cloth.  Just as in the Beta, Frostweave Cloth has a fairly skimpy drop when you start adventuring in Northrend.  As a result, it appears that the average person would have difficulty powering up First Aid in a short period of time.

WotLK Blacksmithing 375-440 (Live)

Yesterday I finally got my Blacksmithing to 440 and unlocked the nifty Titansteel goodies.  I haven't actually made one yet since I need to collect a bit of Titansteel first.  Since none of my toons is over 74 yet, I'm not actually in a rush to make any of the items either :)

WotLK Herbalism 375-450

I'm sure many of you have figured out how to level your Herbalism already :)  I really should have posted sooner since I actually capped on Day 1, but with so many other things going on it got pushed to the back burner.  The first thing I want to recommend is a pair of +5 herbalism gloves.  You can purchase plain white gloves from an armor vendor in any major city and enchant them.  They won't be soulbound, so you can mail them to an alt when you're done.  This may seem like a strange suggestion since Goldclover (the first Northrend herb) is yellow at 375.  The gloves aren't for the clover, they are so you can move up the chain quicker.  While Goldclover is certainly a useful herb, no one wants to hang out in noob zones any more than necessary.

WotLK Cooking 375-450

As I posted during Beta, Cooking is not easy to level and there's been lots of commentary on that since Launch.  Blizzard seems to be of the opinion that green recipes are an acceptable path for a secondary profession and that capping isn't necessary since there are no rewards for reaching it.  Despite the problems, I worked hard to cap Cooking this week and publish my findings.