The Argent Dawn is Back!

The Scourge Invasion isn't particularly crafting related, but it is faction related so I thought I'd bring it up.  Some of you may remember this event from a couple of years ago, but now it's back and it's been tweaked for the Lich King.  The undead mobs and their drop goodies are now level 70, so if you have any alts who could use a upgrade this may be an easy way to do it.

Hallow's End + Fishing = Death?!

Yes, that's right. Yesterday my guild leader was kind enough to invite me to a Lurker Fish Fry and walk me through the fishing achievement. I'd heard that it was soloable, and apparently he'd gotten a tip from a nameless buddy on how to do it with Hallow's End Pumpkin Treats. The trick to reaching Lurker without pulling aggro from any other mobs is to walk across the water. Now I've read on El's site that you can do this any number of ways, but they require some sort of levitate *and* slow-fall ability, which not everyone has. But using the pumpkin treats, this can be done by anyone.

Kaliope on the Twisted Nether Blogcast

Hey folks ~ just wanted to let you know that the Twisted Nether people were kind enough to invite me on their show and just posted Episode 21 of their blogcast.  Among other tidbits is an interview with yours truly :)  I was very tickled to be invited and I hope I didn't babble on too much...

Anyway, if you're curious you can pop over to their site and give it a listen.  I understand they also have it on iTunes, if you prefer to get it that way.  It's a pretty entertaining blogcast, but if you want to zip straight to the Kaliope segment you can skip the first 28 minutes.  Enjoy!

Mote Clouds in WotLK (Northrend)

I'm sure most engineers have been wondering whether their Zapthrottle Mote Extractor would still be useful in the expansion.  I wondered this as well because my engineer relies on it quite heavily to provide her an income source.  When I first arrived in the Beta, I didn't see any cloud formations in the zones I visited.  A few builds later I spotted some things which could possibly have been cloudy.  So I eventually grabbed my tank and went out to investigate.

WotLK Prep for Jewelcrafters

I probably should have posted this last week, but I didn't really think about it until this weekend.  For those of you who haven't been poring over the new gem recipes from Northrend, it may not be obvious what the new content will mean for your current wares.  So let me make it clear: the new green gems are better than our current epics.  And for those of you who are thickies... THE NEW CRAP GEMS ARE BETTER THAN OUR EPIC GEMS! If you haven't done so already, please cut and sell any gems you have left in your bank/bags/etc.  Stop holding them in the hopes that they will sell like hotcakes on release day.  Anyone with half a brain will wait a day or two until the Jewelcrafters on their realm start cutting masses of green gems and selling them for chump change.

Fun with the Scroll of Randomness

There's no such thing you say?  Ahhh, I beg to differ.  Perhaps you know it by another name: Scroll of Recall.  "But", you say, "it's unreliable above level 40, why would I use that???"  Well, I'm about to give you a reason!

Inscription Madness!!

I don't know about you guys, but my server was a madhouse yesterday.  Glyphs were flying and so were people!!  Ok, mostly just folks trying to get the "fall 65 yds" achievement.  Anyway, I was lucky to get on my server about 11pm ET and it stayed stable enough for me to power up to 350.  I followed the guide on Crafter's Tome and noticed very few changes.  Nothing that will impact it's effectiveness, just a few areas where recipes don't change color in the same spot.  For anyone who didn't manage to level up Inscription yesterday - the Power Leveling guide is still good!  Have fun :)

Inscriptions Now Viewable by Class

Just a quick FYI to let all of you know that our Inscription recipe list now has a filter (under Type) for the class. This let's you select a Class and show only the glyphs that match. Unfortunately it still shows the 'blank' items as well, but at least you can turn all the other glyphs off. Feel free to send folks here who want to see what glyphs they can use for their character!

WotLK Inscription List Update + Call to Arms!

In case you guys haven't noticed, we posted some updates to Inscription recipe list yesterday.  It's now current as of the latest build on the beta server.  While I don't feel too comfy with the progression, it probably has most of the actual items that will be available.  On the other hand, I believe there are still problems with it.  All of the Glyph recipes are lumped up at 375 and 400 skill, instead of spread out every 5 points like the under 300 recipes.  None of the glyph recipes use 2x common ink like the upper levels of other inks do.  There are huge gaps of 25 points between each wave of recipes and the only recipes over 400 skill are scrolls.  I'd be very disappointed if the pinnacle of the Inscription was scrolls <gack>. 

Inscription: A look at pigment drop rates for Milling

We had a question on the blog yesterday regarding the drop rate of uncommon pigments when milling herbs.  The thinking behind this is whether or not you can stockpile more common herbs to mill and avoid destroying more difficult herbs from the same "group" when collecting a specific type of pigment.  In my example, I'm using Felweed as the baseline herb and then comparing the drop rate to more high-end herbs like netherbloom and nightmare vine.  If we can get by with milling a bunch of felweed (which isn't as valuable) then we can save our netherbloom for something else.

WotLK Cooking Progression: 375-440 (BETA)

I've been trying really hard to level Cooking all the way to 450, but all the recipes are green at 440 and it's been very difficult to get the last 10 points.  So I gave up and I'm just going to talk about getting to 440.  Maybe Blizzard will ease the end-path before launch :)

WotLK Inscription Recipes to 350 Updated

Just a quick FYI to let everyone know that I fixed all the recipes up through Burning Crusade level Inscription on Crafter's Tome.  The Northrend recipes are still on the list, I just pushed them up to 375.  They are just placeholder items though, the skill levels and materials are random or missing.  But everything under 375 is accurate as of the current build on the Test Realm.  So if you want to make any tweaks to the Inscription Shopping List/Power Level Chart, you can use the Inscription Recipe List to do that.  Enjoy!

Inscription Guide + Power Leveling Guide (1-350)

As promised, I spent yesterday working on Inscription on the Test Realm.  Despite a few minor glitches, I was able to get all the way to 350.  Since it was still fresh in my mind, I went ahead and put together a user's guide to Incription.  I've also done a shopping/recipe list like we currently have for Jewelcrafting.  I'm calling it a Power Leveling guide, since that's pretty much what you have when you provide a list of ingredients and a recipe progression chart.

Why No Inscription?

I'm sure many of you are wondering why I haven't brought you anything about Inscription yet.  It's the most anticipated addition to crafting and I haven't said a peep.  Well, every time I check in with it there are still major flaws.  Since I don't have an unlimited supply of herbs, I've held off on using them until I feel comfy that it's in near-final status.  I realize that other folks have been posting leveling guides for Inscription for awhile now, they are wrong.  I've seen several waves of sweeping changes go through this profession and I personally wouldn't trust anything that was written more than 30 days ago.