Sneak Peek at WotLK Engineering 375-425

First I should preface by saying that my Engineer is a Gnome and currently has 389 engineering skill on Live.  So I can't really tell you what the first 14 points are going to look like.  I *can* take an educated guess and say that you'll probably be making Hammer Picks and Overcharged Capacitors.  Both of these items stay orange until 395, so they are good grinding recipes with minimal mats.  I would encourage you to go with the capacitors, even though it requires a crystallized earth (basically, a mote).  There's a quest that requires a capacitor, I haven't run into it myself but I've heard people begging for them in chat.  I'm guessing capacitors will be a decent money maker as a result.

Pied Piper of Dalaran

For the past week I've been working on Cooking and beyond 400 is slow going.  I'll share more on this once I hit 425 and get my "sneak peek" written, but for now let's just say that I'm a slave to the city chef.  My recipe of choice has been the Critter Bites and at this point I have so many of them (about 3 stacks) that I thought I just play and see what they did.

Sneak Peek at WotLK Alchemy 375-420

My last post focused on Herbalism, so it's only natural that I should follow up with Alchemy.  The main reason Herbalism got any attention at this stage was because I wanted to collect some mats to test out Alchemy.  "But Kaliope," you say, "didn't you have to leave your Alchemist out of Beta?".  "Why yes I did!", I respond.  My guild leader, who is in the Beta with me, has been kind enough to make his Alchemist available for testing purposes :)

WotLK Herbalism: List of Herbs and Skill Level

After several sessions of struggling with my level 70 hunter to travel all the various Northrend zones in search of herbs and coming up mostly empty, I finally had the bright idea to use my premade PvP druid since he is level 80 and can fly over Northrend.  That is a much easier way to find herbs rather than trekking through the aggro-crazy mobs on land as a level 70 noob.  Alas, Mr PVP did not have any tradeskills, but a quick visit to the Herbalism trainer took care of that.

New WotLK Leatherworking & Enchanting Recipes Online

Over the weekend I got some new recipes put into our Crafter's Tome database, including all of the recipes from the Leatherworking trainer and the Enchanting trainer. 

Kaliope's First WotLK Dungeon: The Nexus

Kaliope hasn't really been getting the love too much in Northrend.  What with all the ore farming and lack of Leatherworking recipes to power beyond the 300s, she's been mostly dormant.  She was sitting about halfway through level 70 last night, when I decided I would be brave and volunteer to heal a PUG.  

Sneak Peek at WotLK Blacksmithing Progression (375-410)

For the last week or so I've been working on Blacksmithing (in addition to Jewelcrafting) on the Beta realm.  The biggest task, as you might imagine, is collecting all the ore.  The first 25 points of Blacksmithing will run you about 350 ore, the next 25 points will require another 350 or so.  The final 25 points will take about 380 ore in addition to 120 Eternals (aka primals).

Cutest. Thing. Ever.

Ok, so you know that I don't normally write about other topics, since this is a crafting blog. I really tried to restrain myself this time, I even visited BRK's blog to see if he had covered this already. But no, it seems that forces beyond my control are pushing me into drifting off-topic. My new hunter pet.

More recipe updates from the Beta

Just a quick post to let everyone know that I've added some new recipes to the site.  A few new Jewelcrafting items were added at 350 and 370, rings and necklaces.  There's also a number of new recipes to Blacksmithing, including much needed consumables like weapon chains, shield spikes and new skeleton keys.  There's also a new set of armor called Ornate Saronite that looks to be pally-oriented.  Yesterday I got a tip from a guildie (in Beta with me) that he had looted a Cooking recipe, so I researched those and put them in the cooking list... fun stuff, check it out!

The PVE server has been down all day, but apparently my premade druid was posted on the PVP server.  I used him to do some exploration in Dalaran and there is now a Cooking daily quest with a bunch of new Cooking recipes.  I'll be working on those later this week, and I believe there have been some updates to Tailoring that I can add as well.  I'm hoping to get some crafting done on Blacksmithing/Engineering, I just need to collect some ore to get started.  Keep checking back, hopefully I'll be able to post lots of new goodies this week!

First Peek at WotLK Jewelcrafting Progression (375-400)

Speaking of Jewelcrafting... I'm putting this information in a second post.  I started writing about Mining and there was so much to say that I decided to split it into it's own post.  I had to mine first in order to collect goodies for JC, and you'll likely find yourselves in the same boat.  I checked the Auctions when I got to the beta server, but ore was selling for 150-200g a stack and I didn't think my 25k gold was going to last long if I went that route.  So it was out to the mines for me...

First Peek at WotLK Mining

For the last few days I've been working to collect some of the new ore in WotLK so Krystella can start prospecting and cutting gems.  For those of you who do not have mining... I fear you'll have some problems leveling up in the early weeks.  Ore isn't exactly what I would call plentiful in the starting zones.  What with three different professions requiring ore, I'd be surprised if there was much available on the auctions.

First Peek at WotLK Leatherworking Progression

As promised, tonight I worked on Kaliope's leatherworking skill and took lots of notes :)  First I had to get my hands on some leather, so I spent about 3 hours killing moose-like creatures in the Borean Tundra.  I collected about 8 stacks of leather in that time and got my skinning all the way to 450.

Beta Fun Friday

Well Friday was my first day in the WotLK Beta.  'Black' Friday was also the day that Blizz decided to push up the 8905 patch, which has created some chaos on the servers as you may have heard.  Indeed, the server goes down every 5-20 minutes.  Late Friday and early Saturday, I was lucky to get 5 solid minutes before a crash.  By the end of Saturday I could go as long as 15-20 minutes before I was bumped again.


Tonight at 6:50 pm, Mikros received an invitation from Blizzard to participate in the Wrath of the Lich King Beta.  Needless to say, mayhem and jubilation ensued =)  Ok, maybe there was a bit of disbelief mixed in... what can I say, it's been a long and arduous journey.  I begged, I whined, I QQed a lot.  In the end, it came down to hard work, perseverance, and knowing the right people (programmers) to be accepted into the inner circle.

Woohoo!! ~ Our Very Own AddOn!!

Have I mentioned that Hubby really wuvs me??  No??  Well he spent the last couple of weeks writing a WoW AddOn so we could get on the list for a developer beta key.  Since only one of us actually cares whether we have a beta key... I guess that means he likes me or something.  Yay for Mikros!!