WotLK Engineering live on Crafter's Tome

It's been awhile since I posted any new recipes... this is entirely my fault.  I have two birthdays and the first day of school coming up over the next ten days and I've been pretty busy getting my ducks in a row.  Dare I publicly embarrass my wonderful coder hubby Mikros by telling everyone (the 12 whole people who read my blog) that he turned the big Four Oh today??  Oops, that just slipped out... I'm evil =)

Inscription Debuts Early!

At the end of the day yesterday, Eyonix announced that there will be a pre-WotLK patch which will include Inscription.  I think most of us are shocked by this development, I know I am.  There's no solid date on when this patch comes out, merely phrased as "in the coming weeks".  Could be next week, could be in six weeks.  Needless to say, folks will start scrambling immediately to collect their herbs so they can be ready for this nebulous patch day.  Luckily I already collected mine and I hope those of you who had plans to take up Inscription followed my lead =)

More Jewelcrafting goodies go up in Beta

Some new items were added to the latest build on the Beta server last week, these are now live on Crafter's Tome.  I'd been hoping to get them up last night or this morning, but due to technical difficulties we had a delay in updating the web site.  Everything appears to be working now, but please let us know if you experience any hiccups with the images for the recipes.

WotLK Cooking Quest, JC Daily & More

Today I'm posting another random compilation of bits I've received from our Beta tester "MD" while I work on the slew of new Jewelcrafting recipes she sent me this morning.  You may have noticed that a new Beta patch went up early this morning with additions to JC, Engineering and Blacksmithing.  I'm particularly curious about Engineering since we've seen nothing in that department so far.  From what was posted on MMO-Champion it appears to be predominantly more of the same.  But I shall hold my speculation for when we get some screenshots :)

You Go El!

One other thing I wanted to share with you guys that I found in the Beta forums (yes I skulk around there in case something interesting pops up :P).  Someone started a discussion about the tuning of quests in the starting zones.  Of course this went on for three pages with bickering back and forth about whether they were too easy or reasonably challenging.

A few random WotLK tidbits

Since we don't have any new waves of info coming from the Beta yet this week, I thought I'd put together all the little bits of news I've gotten from our testers that have been sitting in my email box:

Lich King (WotLK) Tailoring to 420 Recipes

Over the weekend I posted the new Tailoring recipes from the trainer in Beta.  These recipes are still in fairly rough form, some of the items have no stats on them and a few appear to have ingredients that are unlikely to make it to release.  Most of the Frostwoven items have no stats, although the set bonus looks Healer-oriented to me.  The stats of the Duskweave set are kind of all over the place, one piece might be Stam/Crit/Spellpower and another is Stam/Spirit/Spellpower.  Hopefully both sets will be updated with more coherent stats, since I assume they intend one to be DPS stats and the other healing stats.  The Black Duskweave and Mystic Frostwoven seem to suffer from similar problems, either no stats or wildly varying stats.

WotLK Jewelcrafting - New Vendor Recipes!

Our beta helper MD has come through again!  This time new vendor-based Jewelcrafting recipes, but with a twist.  There is now a daily profession quest (as you may have heard) and this quest rewards you a token.  The vendor will sell you recipes for the tokens you collect from the Daily quest.  Rare quality recipes are selling for 5 tokens, meta-gem recipes are selling for 8 tokens.  There are a total of 31 recipes available at this time, but the recipes and/or token price could change before release.

Recipes from the WotLK Jewelcrafting Trainer

Yesterday we saw a slew of Blacksmithing recipes that were added to the trainer in Beta, today we have new Jewelcrafting recipes to share.  These are all gem cuts, mostly in the 350-360 range.  They appear to be the upgrade versions of the current green gems that no one buys anymore.  Luckily the stats on these new green gems are slightly better than the current epic gems, so I doubt any JC will have trouble selling them.  I guess this also means I *won't* be spending my remaining Badges of Justice on epic gems, hehe.

Ask and you shall receive...

I feel so psychic =)  Either that or Blizzard actually listens to me (except when it comes to a Beta Key, they're playing Monkey in the Middle with me there) when it comes to new items that crafters desire... nay DEMAND.  Yesterday I received a deluge of new Blacksmithing and Jewelcrafting items from our dedicated beta helper 'MD'.  I've been working all day just to get the smithing goodies onto the site, over 60 new items from the BS trainer are now live on Crafter's Tome.  Jewelcrafting will have to wait for another day... I'm pooped!

Skilling Up Mining... A New Trick

This tip was submitted to me by my son Wildark.  I've added links to the appropriate ores for those who aren't familiar with them.  I have not personally tested this, but I present as a potential help it to those of you who may be working on your mining skill:

WotLK Leatherworking Recipes

This afternoon I worked on the new Leatherworking recipes for WotLK and I have to say.... they're kind of a mess.  First: the pricing is all over the place.  The trainer recipes start at 350 skill and the first four recipes cost 11.4 gold each.  The next five recipes (still 350 skill) cost 5.7 gold each.  At 360 they go back up to 13.3 gold, followed by 15.2 gold for the 370 recipes and the 375 recipes.  Does this look funky to anyone else, or just OCD Kaliope?

Lich King (WotLK) Alchemy Recipes Online

Yesterday I put the new Alchemy recipes, graciously supplied by beta tester 'Aurik', into our database.  This is just the trainer recipes which were available over the weekend.  Apparently the Alchemy trainer is in Dalaran, as Aurik was unable to locate a trainer in his starting zone (for those of you in Beta who might be looking for an Alchie trainer).  I still have some Leatherworking recipes that I'll be working on today :)

Wrath Fishing - El Style

Just a quick post to let all you fishing folk know that El (of El's Extreme Anglin) has posted several pages related to WotLK Fishing: Wrath of the Lich King Fishing Changes.  El has the most comprehensive Fishing site available, so make sure you check it out if you are a major Fishing groupie like I am.  On a different note, does everyone have a Beta Key but me???  :(

WotLK Blacksmithing Recipes Now Available

We've just added another batch of Beta recipes to Crafter's Tome.  These are the new Blacksmithing trainer recipes which I'm sure you've seen elsewhere.  Once again, we've got the required skill levels which enable you to see the progression of the recipes.  Unfortunately this doesn't help a whole lot for Smiths since they all require the new ores to craft.  Once again we don't have the icons worked out yet, but I've got links to WoWHead in the notes.  Neither shield is actually showing up in WoWHead as an item, so I just typed the stats right into the Notes box.