WotLK Trainer Recipes for Enchanting & Inscription Online!

Yes, hubby and I spent several hours last night poring over the screenshots from our beta helpers and making modifications to the web site in order to release two sets of new recipes for you guys. You'll notice that we've added a new option to the "Expansion" filter, which let's you show just the WotLK recipes.  We also added a gray color to the WotLK items themselves, so you can visually distinguish them from "live" recipes if you have a mixed list.  Many of the items do not have icons or hover text, this is just a shortcoming of the data we have access to and we'll work to fix that as soon as we can.  For items that were unique in nature, I put the item description in the Notes.

WotLk Crafting Tidbits

Thanks to my new mini-army of beta investigators (you guys are amazing!) I already have some information to share that I haven't seen elsewhere.  Screenshots have been flowing in from our beta insiders and from the screenshots I've gleaned:

Desperately Seeking Beta Data

Each day that goes by with more information flowing out of other web sites and the glaring desolation in my email inbox, I get more anxious about my little corner of the WoW-Verse.  Kinda like that birthday party that all the other kids got invited to... except you.  I have to keep reminding myself that most of the tradeskill content hasn't been implemented yet, and it's not a big deal that I'm missing the Beta at this point in time. Still, it makes me a bit sad that other sites are giving you guys the sneak peek on crafting.  Since I'm not able to do it, I almost feel like I've been demoted <sniff>.

Wrath Recipes trickling down...

I've spent most of the weekend perusing the various WotLK postings to see what's coming down the pike.  While there's a lot of information flying around, very little of it seems to be tradeskill oriented.  Most of the articles I've seen focus on new "spells" that were presumably farmed from the alpha/beta servers, which consist of an item description with no crafting details.  At this point MMO-Champion seems to be the most comprehensive source of concrete data, they are posting actual screenshots of recipes on their site.  These items are so fresh off the truck that we can't really count on them being final for when WotLK is released, but it should give a rough idea where Blizzard is tracking at the moment.

Beta Has Begun!

It would appear from the frenzy of activity on fan sites that the WotLK beta has kicked off, despite a lack of announcement on the official site.  The forums are abuzz with beta key speculation and WoWInsider is awash in beta articles, so I'm assuming the beta is now open.  Sadly, I have no email waiting in my inbox, but I did use the beta opt-in for all four of our household WoW accounts.  With any luck, one of us will get an invite :)

What's in a Name?

I just saw a post on WoWInsider about themes for character names.  Reading through the article and comments, it got me thinking about how many ways there are to approach this core gaming ritual.  Your name is one of the first decisions you have to make about your character, its also something that defines you throughout your WoW career.  How much time and effort do we put into this process that tells others so much about us?

Tailoring Guide Updated

Just a quick FYI to let you all know that I updated our Tailoring Guide with new Burning Crusade information.  I finally bit the bullet and took up Tailoring on one of my toons - with WotLK coming down the pike I want to have all tradeskills covered.  The upside is that Tailoring is fairly easy to level, which I'm sure is why I haven't had any complaints about our outdated Tailoring guide.