My first Premade on the Test Realm

It's been awhile since they offered premade characters on the PTR, and I personally have never indulged.  Since I'm generally there to test crafting items and occasionally noodle with class changes, I just copy my own characters.  This time everyone was making such a huge fuss over getting premades, I thought I'd do it just out of curiousity.

Tailoring Goodies from 2.4.3 PTR

After checking every couple of days for the new Tailoring patterns on the test realm, finally they are there today. There are three new patterns sold by Haughty Modiste in Steamwheedle Port. They are novelty clothing and require 245-250 skill and mageweave cloth to craft.

Vestments of Summer

For those of you engaging in the Midsummer Fire Festival, you may have noticed that a few of the goodies for purchase are quite "pricey" in terms of blossom value. I myself was skeptical of the items since the descriptions are vague and you can really only afford one beefy object (maybe 2 if you do every possible quest and daily available). Therefore, it helps to know what you're getting and that's where this post comes in.

Ahune Update (Frost Boss in SP)

Ahune Update: A group of guildies went in again last night to try and get this boss down. This time we took 2 druid healers, a warlock, pally tank and shadow priest. The shadow priest was in blues/greens, but the rest of us were in T4+ gear. This was a long fight, and I had to innervate myself once and pot a few times, but we did finally get him down with no wipes! The only change we made in strat from the first try was beefier tank (18k hp vs 15k) and two healers instead of one. When the boss was vulnerable we all went on DPS, healers too. I'm sure our DPS went down from the original group and it took us four waves to get him, but we did it. BTW, the epic staff dropped and we gave it to the shadow priest :) That thing is very cool looking!

I guess the moral of the story is, if you can't beat this guy cuz the adds keep wiping you out, try adding an extra healer instead of more dps.

Midsummer Fire Festival: Cheatsheet

There sure are a lot of bonfires in the world... of Warcraft (heh) aren't there? If you have more than one toon, it can be confusing to remember who has been to which ones. This is why I copied the full list from WoWInsider and pasted it into a text document that I could print out. Then hubbie was kind enough to turn that into a printable that crams the full list onto one page instead of having to waste two pieces of paper. He thought you guys might appreciate me sharing it, since I've already printed three for myself :)

Midsummer Fire Festival Checklist

Now you can just print one for each toon and highlight the bonfires as you visit!

Hijinks at the Midsummer Fire Festival

As I'm sure many of you did, I spent most of this weekend doing Festival activities. If your guild is dealing with the doldrums like mine is, this is a great opportunity to spark some fun. In my previous post, I touched briefly on the quests to collect fire from the opposition's city fires. This requires you to infiltrate their city, locate the fire and click it to grab a token. If you get 1 city fire, you can turn it in to your city Lorekeeper for 25 blossoms. If you collect all 4, you also get a crown which goes with the festival outfit.

Midsummer Fire Festival Guide (2008)

Ever since I tested this content on the Test Realms, I've been anxious for it to go live. Mostly this is because I've been coveting that flame pet for over a year and no one ever wanted to run five dungeons to get it. This year, you can purchase the flame pet for 350 burning blossoms, and there are lots more quests to collect them. I have a few tips to share for those of you not familiar with this holiday.

2.4.3 Random Fun Stuff

"Haris Pilton has launched a new line of bags and jewelry"

Being the chic that I am, this got me excited. The first thing I did on the PTR was visit Ms. Pilton to see what goodies she had in store. I took some screenshots to share with you guys:

New PTR - Woot!

Yes folks, there's a new patch on the horizon and a new PTR in the works. Since I hadn't expected any additional patches before WotLK, I'm pretty excited that we got one. I've already copied my four 70 toons to the test server and downloaded the PTR client. Now I'm just waiting for the test realm to go online and I'll be reporting on all the goodies. Stay tuned...

Blizz-ume for Kaliope of Llane

Since making her way into Azeroth, Kaliope has made a point of exploring and mastering all professions in the World of Warcraft. She has achieved a rank of Master Chef and Head Nurse on four avatars and Master Angler on one avatar. She has juggled her fully grown avatars to cover all but one primary profession: Tailoring. However, she does have an adolescent avatar who is an Artisan Tailor. Kaliope of Llane has 78 days, 8 hours, 31 minutes of experience in the World of Warcraft and with her sisters: Krystella, Korlyn and Kayree they have a total of 206 days, 5 hours, 52 minutes of combined experience.

The Campaign Begins...

You may or may not have noticed that I changed my tagline on the blog. From now on I will do whatever cheap, shameless stunt I can think of, WHATEVER IT TAKES to get a beta key. I know we haven't even had a beta announcement, but in order to succeed you have to be ahead of the curve and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. So my campaign begins NOW, in the hopes that someone will take pity on me before the gates of opportunity are closed forever.

Thoughts on Faction Grinding

A surprising result of our WotLK Crafting Wishlist was the high ranking of faction grinding, which tied for second place. Obviously faction grinding isn't something any of us enjoy, but it must be a prominent part of our game lives if we rate it near the top of our wish list for the expansion. With that thought in mind, I wanted to turn my spotlight to faction grinding and how it affects us.

At long last... my very own fishing hat!

After weeks of doing the daily fishing quest, I finally got the Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat in my goodie bag. Woot!! Of all the various items that drop, this was the one I most wanted to have. Having been to the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza a handful of times, I have nothing to show for my efforts except the Eternium Fishing Line. It's hard to feel like a Master Angler when you don't have any beefy gear to help you look the part, so I was desperate to have this hat.

Are You Prepared???

Since folks are clearly in the pre-expansion doldrums, I'm wondering what types of preparations everyone is making for WotLK. Not only will we have an increase of the level cap for tradeskills, we'll be gaining a new profession. I still haven't decided who or how I'll work this new craft into my lineup, but I'm already building a stash of mats for it.