On Selecting a Tradeskill

As the next expansion approaches, I find myself thinking more and more about the crafting choices I've made and the new profession we'll be gaining with Wrath of the Lich King. Obviously as a commentator, I'm obligated to try Inscription and post my findings, that's a given. However, I currently have 4 level 70 characters and they are spread pretty thin (Skinning/LW) (Engie/Chanter) (Smith/Herber) (JC/Miner). I also have a 62 who's my Alchemist and could potentially be a Tailor if I decide to actually play him.

For the Love of the Alts

I've been wrestling with this problem since 2.4 went live, but I guess really we deal with it all the time. My Jewelcrafter needs Exalted rep with SSO to purchase all the new gemcutting recipes. My Enchanter needs to be Honored with SSO to get the two new Enchanting recipes. I haven't even touched on gear needs yet, but my Enchanter could also benefit from a couple of the blue items at Revered and the epic shield at Exalted. And I'm sure any toon could potentially gain from the new necklaces at Exalted if they aren't already decked out in T5/T6, which none of mine are. Given all the new goodies, how do you decide which of your toons to grind faction with?

Evil Crocs, Dock Buddies and Naked Duels

Not too long ago I was commenting on the dwindling community atmosphere in WoW, but that sense of camaraderie appears to be alive and well among the fisherfolk. We know we're the weirdos of the WoW world... we accept this. But it wasn't until yesterday that I saw how fishing actually brings folks together. Yes, it seems strange that this solitary activity would create bonding moments, but where there's a will and some booze, there's sure to be a way!

First Badge Vendor Unlocked and other ramblings

In case some of you didn't hear about it yet, yesterday the very first badge vendor was unlocked on the Proudmoore server.  Chaos ensued, rofl.  On my server the anvil is still around 50% so I'm assuming we have another 2-3 days to go.  Frankly I didn't expect it to take this long, I think the PTR progress inadvertently set the bar a bit high for the live servers.


Normally I don't repost information that is available on other sites, but today I'm making an exception.  In case you haven't had your daily dose of WoW reading, make sure you visit the main page of the official site for two new articles:

The Molten Core


Bard Hero Class

There's also something weird afoot on the forums...


Feel free to share your comments if you find any other suspicious activities.