More Fishing Goodies in 2.4

As far as I knew, the only new thing coming to fisherfolk everywhere was the daily fishing quest in Terokkar. Yesterday, Mamabear was telling me how she was looking forward to exploring the new zone and asked me if there were any new fish there. Now why didn't I think of this?? I must be slacking on my reporting duties, thankfully Mamabear has my back :)

More 2.4 Updates for Jewelcrafters & Gatherers

I have some bad news for Jewelcrafters. The new Brilliant Glass item has already been nerfed. Today I logged in and tried making a few more, and it now has a 23 hour cooldown. While I understand the reasons behind this, likely an attempt to avoid a flood of blue gems on the market, I'm still a bit sad. It was nice to think that I would clear my bags of all the green tribbles and make something useful from them. Ah well, at least the gem economy won't go down the crapper 24 hours after the patch, right?

The Heart of WoW Beats On

I know it's hard sometimes when you're on your raids or doing your normal farming, daily quests, et cetera... to take time to smell the roses. Plus in the last 14 months we've had an influx of new players who don't even remember the early days of WoW (frankly I don't remember the EARLY early days, I joined six months after release). But in some ways the game has lost some of the small community feel, the silly side of life that I remember clearly from those earlier times. You know things have changed when you hardly ever see naked chics dancing on mailboxes anymore.

The New Alchemy Stones (2.4 Patch)

There's not a whole lot of excitement for Alchemy in the upcoming patch, the only official changes are the removal of the cooldown for Arcanite Transmutes and the increase in stack size for Gift of Arthas. Pretty boring really, although I agree with removing transmute timers on the old-world transmutes. With Burning Crusade transmutes, no one will ever want to waste a CD on an old world transmute. I could see going with a separate CD for old transmutes vs new ones, but I suppose removing them completely works too, heheh.

Shattered Sun Offensive - The Daily Report

I mentioned in a previous article that I would be compiling a review of the new daily quests that are coming in 2.4, and I finally feel ready to present my information. As I'm sure most of you know, the number of daily quests is being increased. This is surely due in part to the sheer number of dailies available for the Shattered Sun Offensive. Right now I have about sixteen new quests listed on my chart, and I'm not confident I actually found and documented them all. But I'll share what I know so you'll be more prepared when 2.4 goes live.

Engineering Goggle Upgrades in 2.4

I know, I said I would post these earlier... but then a bunch of new stuff hit the PTR for Jewelcrafting and I got distracted by the pretties :P Anyway, I do have some screenshots of the new Engineering goggles. One thing I noticed though, the images I took right after the test server went up are different than the ones I took a couple of weeks ago. So bear in mind that the mats and/or stats are subject to change:

More JC goodies from the PTR

"A new jewelcrafting recipe has been added to transform many green quality gems into a single random blue quality gem. This recipe is available from grandmaster jewelcrafting trainers." --- Yours Truly, Blizzard.

Epic Gem Vendor - Woot!

Tonight I discovered a new vendor on the Isle of Quel'Danas and I'm terribly excited. Perhaps Blizzard isn't as evil and uncaring as I previously believed with regard to the epic Jewelcrafting trinkets after all.

New Epic Gem Cutting Recipes in 2.4 Patch

Jewelcrafting is getting a lot of new goodies in the next patch, perhaps more than any other profession. Many of the new recipes appear to be drops from the new raid instance, but a fair number are also being sold by the new faction vendor. Just recently some new epic gem-cutting recipes were added that will utilize the current epic gems now available from Black Temple: