Meta-Gem Dilemma

I don't know about you guys, but I often get questions about what's the best gem for X class or Y class. Now if I happen to play that class and know what stats they stack, I can answer effectively. Or at least answer with what I think they should use, obviously not everyone agrees on this type of thing. But at least I can make intelligent suggestions which they are free to take or disregard.

Goldthorn Tea is Back!

A few of you have commented on the missing Goldthorn Tea and if you've followed the patch notes, you know that Blizz promised to fix that in 2.3.2.  Well we got our 2.3.2 patch on Tuesday, so I'd been planning to visit good old Henry Stern in Razorfen Downs.  Last night I finally managed to trek out to the Barrens and wander through the dungeon to find him.  Previously if you visited him while the recipe was broken, you only got his "end" dialog.  I know this because I went to visit him before they implemented the fix, what can I say... I was a bit confused on when the fix was going to happen :)

But now he actually allows you to learn the recipe and you can go back to him and re-acquire it if you want to do so.  I think this recipe is only of interest to the "collector" types out there who want to have every recipe for their profession.  It's a run-of-the-mill mana regen drink for mid-level players, nothing special about it.  But I know there are folks who are unhappy they lost it, so I can confirm that it's back.

Old World Factions, Part Two: Cenarion Circle

For my second article about old world factions, I want to focus on the Cenarion Circle. The main quest hub for the Cenarion Circle is in Silithus, a level 55-60 zone in Kalimdor. Most of the items they sell are obsolete now, but for Tailors they sell two recipes for Herb Bags at Honored and Revered that have no end-game counterparts. They also sell patterns for nature resist gear, but I believe most of that has been replaced by Cenarion Expedition recipes.

Old World Factions, Part One: Zandalar Tribe

My alchemist warlock was level 35 when the expansion came out, and has only recently reached the old level cap, so it's doubtful that he will ever see Zul'Gurub. On the other hand, I use him to supply my level 70 toons with potions and such, so I'd really like him to have as many recipes as possible. Specifically, I'd love to be able to make the better Troll's Blood and Mage Blood pots. I don't have a lot of time to spare for him though, so trying to get into ZG pugs isn't really high on my list. This is what sparked my desire to figure out how to get Zandalar faction without running ZG.

Old World Factions

It's been a bit slow for me this week in terms of blogging, but I've been working on a new set of articles for you and I finally completed my research this afternoon.  One of the things I've found annoying about the new Outland recipes is the fact that there are some holes in the recipe progression.