WotLK Cooking Quest, JC Daily & More

Today I'm posting another random compilation of bits I've received from our Beta tester "MD" while I work on the slew of new Jewelcrafting recipes she sent me this morning.  You may have noticed that a new Beta patch went up early this morning with additions to JC, Engineering and Blacksmithing.  I'm particularly curious about Engineering since we've seen nothing in that department so far.  From what was posted on MMO-Champion it appears to be predominantly more of the same.  But I shall hold my speculation for when we get some screenshots :)

Our first item is a Cooking recipe that MD found via a Quest, the recipe is for (cue sarcasm) a mouthwatering concoction known as Shoveltusk Soup (sarcasm off).  I received this a few weeks ago, but I held onto it in hopes that more Cooking recipes would surface to group it with.  Anyway, you can pick this quest up in the Howling Fjord from Chef Kettleblack of Westguard Keep.  It's just a standard health regen recipe with no well fed buff, but check out the beefy HP gain:

Quest for Cooking Shoveltusk Soup

Next up: MD notes that the Daily quest for Jewelcrafting has changed.  Instead of letting the player select from the group of quests, it appears to be offering one random quest from the list.  Also, it looks like they've modified the requirements for the quests themselves.  Here's an example of the new quest text:

JC Modified Daily Quest Text

It looks to me like they completely removed the mob drop requirement and now only mooch a cut gem from the player.  Interesting... but I kinda liked the drop + crafted concept.  MD speculates that perhaps the mob drop wasn't implemented yet and the quest was modified to account for that.  Obviously this version is easier, so I'm not complaining ;)

Another item we received this morning is information on the Grand Master Fishing trainer.  Her name is Marcia Chase and you can find her in Dalaran.  She'll teach you Grand Master Fishing for 33.25 gold and she requires you to have a current skill of 350 in Fishing but no level requirement:

Fishing Grand Master Trainer

Our final goodie is a Trade Vendor, exciting stuff eh?  Well maybe not, but we get a sneak peek at the vendor consumables we'll be buying when we get to Northrend.  What I see is new types of vials and threads, even though neither of those professions I transcribed were utilizing them.

WotLK Trade Vendor Goodies

There's some significant inflation apparent in these prices, a stack of vials is more than double the cost of Imbued and the thread is almost six times more expensive than our Rune Thread.  The Silver Brooch shown here has popped up in a couple of the Tailoring recipes, but 19g is quite a price tag for a green cloak ingredient.  The Emerald version is even more scary - 50 gold!  Hopefully we won't have to buy that one unless we're making an epic item?

That's all for now, look for new JC recipes in the next post!

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  1. I sure hope they make the the recipe for shoveltusk retro-active. I completed that quest some time ago and did not get the recipe. now I need it for an achievement and there is no place to get it.