Engineering Goggle Upgrades in 2.4

I know, I said I would post these earlier... but then a bunch of new stuff hit the PTR for Jewelcrafting and I got distracted by the pretties :P Anyway, I do have some screenshots of the new Engineering goggles. One thing I noticed though, the images I took right after the test server went up are different than the ones I took a couple of weeks ago. So bear in mind that the mats and/or stats are subject to change:

Annihilator Holo GogsHard Khorium GogglesHyper Magnified MoonspecsLightning Etched SpecsMayhem Projection Goggles
Holo Gogs
Hard Khorium
Hyper Magnified
Lightning Etched
Mayhem Projection
Powerheal 9000 LensPrimal Attuned GogglesQuad Deathblow X44 GogglesWonderheal X68Surestrike Goggles 3.0
9000 Lens
Primal Attuned
Quad Deathblow
X44 Goggles
Wonderheal X68Surestrike Goggles 3.0

You can click on any of the above images to see a full sized version of the recipe. As you can see, one of the required ingredients is your existing goggles plus a bunch of primals and more nethers of course. It's my understanding that all of these recipes drop in the new 25-man dungeon, so if you're guild isn't doing Black Temple you may never see these. The recipes are not BoP atm, so it's possible that once the raiding guilds outfit all their own folks they could start auctioning the extra drops. Well, we can still hope to get our grubby mitts on one, right? ;)


  1. Yeah, I classify myself as more of a ''casual'' gamer even though I have 10 70's. I don't raid at all b/c I hate managing my threat, etc. I hate that some of the reagents required to upgrade your bop professions stuff are in the 25 man raids. Hence, I haven't upgraded them. I might start raiding once WoTLK comes out, but then again, i doubt it.


  2. You are able to get the mats without raiding. Nethers and Vortexes can be purchased with Badges of Justice, which can be obtained duing dailies comming patch 2.4.

    The only problem will be getting the pattern itself, but if you hang in a server with several guild clearing BT right now, you will see them in the AH sooner than later.

  3. Unfortunately, my server has only 3 Alliance guilds in BT, and I not sure any of them have taken down Illidan.

    Mind you, I'm IN one of those guilds as a non-raider.

    So I guess it's possible I'll be able to nab the caster schematic just before WotLK...

    They are beautiful items, though.