Accidental Farming, Just Me?

Last night I was wandering around Netherstorm with my Engineer. Kayree just made her epic flying machine, thanks to the loan of 3000g from my other toons, and was out trying to regain some cash through questing and mote farming. I was working on the manaforge quests and any other Consortium or Aldor quests I could squeeze in at the same time. I've also been making a point to kill some of the BoP recipe guys I happen upon in my wanderings, not serious farming but more like fly-by-farming. I'm not really looking forward to doing real farming on a Prot warrior, what can I say?

Part Two ~ The Mage Takes The Cheese

Well once my partner in crime, Wildark, saw how handily my 70 rogue acquired the Green Winter Clothes recipe, he immediately proposed that we try to get it for our actual Tailoring toon - Fimbulwinter. Only problem? Fimbulwinter is a 37 mage. Personally, I saw no way to achieve this. Even if we use the disguise and waltz right past a bunch of Horde players, how is a level 37 going to avoid the guards? Luckily Wildark had a plan.

Smells Like Green Spirit

A few days ago I challenged my readers to confirm the plausibility of Alliance characters acquiring the Green Winter outfit recipe from the Horde vendors. No one took me up on that, but I decided that having my own level 70 rogue, I should attempt to infiltrate Orgrimmar myself. I didn't actually believe this was a workable task, but I pushed onward regardless of the self-endangerment factor. The things I do for you people!

As the sugar rush fades...

Ok, so I really should have given this another "Winter Veil" title, but there are three up already so I opted for something a bit less repetitive. Last night I checked in with Greatfather Winter to see what he had in store for us under the tree this year.

Winter Veil Quest Update

Taking my own advice, I've done the Winter Veil quests five times now, once for each of my 60+ toons. I think I've narrowed down the probabilities on the various reward items for those of you with limited time. Milk and Cookies seems to only reward a collection of food items, most of which are low level. Metzen the Reindeer appears to only reward Preserved Holly, and the chance to preserve another small stack on the follow-up. The quest that reliably gives a recipe is the Abominable Greench one, which sadly is also the most difficult due to over-camping.

Winter Veil for the confused

Some of us have been around for one or two seasons and already have a pretty good idea about how things work during Winter Veil. But I realize some of you may be new to WoW and the information available on Winter Veil appears to be a bit vague. You might be seeing all the neato recipes and wondering how to get them for yourself. Or perhaps you've noticed the recipes showing up on the Auction House for crazy prices and you don't really want to pay that kind of money for a seasonal item.

Winter Veil is Here!

Happy Dance for Winter Veil

This is Kaliope doing the Happy Dance in her new Winter Veil outfit!

Windy Returns, Chocolate Cake and Discoveries!

Yesterday I was thrilled to discover that they fixed my beloved gas clouds during the maintenance, even though they didn't release the 2.3.2 patch yet. Hey, I don't care how I got it, I'm gonna take it! So now I'm back in business farming motes for my warrior's epic flying mount.

At Long Last, Gem Transmutes!

Over the weekend I finally got my Alchemist to level 60 and bought out all the Unidentified Plant Parts on the Auction House to get the Honored reputation needed for the Earthstorm Diamond transmute. This has been a long-time goal for me, especially when you consider that the toon in question was level 35 when the expansion came out. I realize that getting one character to 60 in a year isn't a huge task, but when he's at the back of the line with 4 other gals who were trying to go from 60-70 at the same time, it's a big deal. At least for me =)

The Winning Essay

It's hard to believe that it's been just over a year since I started this blog. Those of you who haven't been with me that long may not remember that it began as a Beta blog for the Burning Crusade expansion. Crafter's Tome was a floundering newbie site at that time, and I was looking for a way to put us on the map.

Taking the PvP Plunge

Let me start out by saying that Kaliope does not PvP. She's been a healer from Day 1, she's never aspired to be anything else. Oh, I tried PvP a few times because the gear looked kinda nifty. Inevitably I would go in, everyone else would run away, I would look for someone to heal and I would be a pretty little HK with a bow on top for evil Hordies.

The Service Side of Crafting

As a habit, I don't bark my Jewelcrafting services to random folks on my server. I leveled up for myself and my guild, not to be a trade channel spammer (no offense to you folks who like to operate that way). On occasion I will hear some poor sap begging for a JC to cut something, if I'm not busy and they aren't getting a response I may offer to help. In general I don't expect tips, for my guildies I refuse tips altogether. I don't want to make money off my friends and compadres, it just doesn't feel right to me. Plus the fact that Krystella already has more money than she needs :)