I Pwnd You

Ok, I don't normally delve into RL on my blog, but this was so cute that I just had to share!

Gas Clouds Broken? Nerfed? Nooooo!!

I had my first full evening of farming with my new flying machine + gas cloud detection goggles and it would appear that the gas clouds have been taken away. I did circuits around Shadowmoon, Nagrand, Zangarmarsh and Netherstorm and found zero gas clouds. I even did a double-check on my goggles to see if the detection bonus had been removed (thankfully no). I can only hope that they broke it with this latest patch. After I logged out, I went over to the WoW forums to see if anyone else was having similar issues. Lo and behold, the second new post I see is "Windy Clouds Nerfed?" on the official message board.

Seems I am not the only one who had problems  :(

Whirr... Boop... Ping!

My warrior Kayree finally hit 70 on Sunday night, and the first thing on my ToDo list was to make a Flying Machine. I had to play some mail shuffle to get all the various ingredients to her, smelt the fel iron bars, etc. I also had to buy the elemental seaforium charges - ouch! I had the ingredients in the bank but I forgot that I wasn't going to have the recipe by then.

Rustle me up some Stormchops!

The other day I finally got a blue cooking recipe from the daily quest - Stormchops! For those who aren't familiar with this item, it gives you a "proc" style lightning effect that lasts for 30 minutes after you eat one. Not that this is terribly useful, I think it falls more into the fun category. Still, it's a rare recipe and I'm happy to have it. The tough part comes when you are ready to make them. It requires a clefthoof meat + a lightning eel.

Karazhan and the Angst of the Set

Last night I went to Kara as a fill with Kaliope. We did Shade, Netherspite, Chess and Prince before folks had to leave for bed (it was past 3am server time, understandable). I was just happy to be getting some VE faction and badges - hooray for badges being added to Kara! In one night I practically doubled the number of badges I've gotten over the last six months.

It's all about ME

The other day I was poking around in my referrer log (folks who link to me) and saw a link to me from another blog. Of course I went over for a little visit and saw that they had this to say about me "Is Kaliope ever doing anything but farming?" Naturally my response is "I'm a crafter, of course I'm farming!" But it got me thinking, I tend not to share a whole lot of my other activities with you guys. I assume you come here to read about crafting so I try to focus my commentary mostly on that. In the interest of satisfying Mr. Horns and anyone else who's curious about my other exploits, I thought I'd bring you up to date on my regular adventures in Outland...

Mmmm... Motes!

I have to say I'm not anxious to create additional competition for myself by sharing this information, but I'm going to suck it up and post anyway.  Since I've already noticed a distinct nosedive in prices on the AH over the past few days, I assume word is out to a certain extent.  I speak, of course,  of the windy clouds in Nagrand.

It's beginning to look a lot like... Patch Day!

Everywhere you go! We've got new trainer recipes, new epic baubles with our Badges of Justice, new daily quests and new flying mounts. And the big gift for the whole family - a brand new dungeon for everyone to play in!

Karazhan Fishing Report (2.3 PTR)

The login servers are down at the moment, so I decided to make use of the time by trying the new fishing spot on the test server.  Supposedly the fish that are used in the new cooking recipes can be caught in Zul'Aman or outside Karazhan.  Since going into ZA isn't an option for little ole me, I hopped a griff to Deadwind Pass.

Engineers get some 2.3 luv

As you probably know, Engineers are getting some good stuff in the next patch and I’m not just talking about gyrocopters. We also get new high-end arrows and a reworking of the Adamantite Shells recipe as well.

The Fine Art of Fish Finding

I'm really excited about the new tracking changes in the upcoming patch. When I'm on the live server, I find myself desperately wishing I had it. This is actually a bit strange when you consider that I didn't spend all that much time with it on the PTR, I really only played with it a couple of times. But every time I can't find a reagent/trade goods/ammo vendor type in some random town, it's painful how much I wish I could click that little button and save myself some frustration.

More new recipes from Patch 2.3

I finally got around to locating the other new recipes on the test server, and there are some interesting changes. First, they've decided to move the Enchant Ring - Stats recipe from the Scale of the Sands vendor to the Lower City vendor. Apparently they want more players to have this recipe, at least that would be my guess as to why they moved this to an easier faction vendor.