Update: Cooking Daily Quest

I have been diligently doing the Cooking quests every day on the test realm, trying to get the purported "pet food" recipe. I even got my hunter in on the action, thinking perhaps it would increase my odds of receiving that recipe. If nothing else I suppose 2 toons running the quest was increasing my overall odds, but I doubt that being a hunter helps because I finally got the recipe today on my druid.

Leather Goodies from the PTR (patch 2.3)

As some of you may know, leatherworking is getting a pretty nice boost in the next patch. Not only are we getting a handful of new recipes from the trainers, but they are also adding some of the more rare recipes to faction vendors for easier access (slightly, but hey we're talking about Blizzard here). They are also tweaking some existing recipes with regard to materials and usage, Drums in particular are getting a revamp.

Debut of Item Type Filter on Crafter's Tome

Hubby has been working hard the past week to bring you guys a new feature on our site. The biggest feature request we've had over the last few months has been for item type filters.

Travel Log: New Daily Cooking Quests from the PTR

Day 1: I located the new quest-giver "The Rokk" (he's in the Lower City between the Arakkoa tower and the Infirmary) and received a cooking task from him to collect 8 mana berries from the eco-domes in Netherstorm.

2.3 Engie Flyer Mats

As I figured, the new flying machines for Engineering have caused quite a stir. I finally got my engineer copied to the PTR yesterday and she went out to Shadowmoon Valley to find out what components were required to make them.

Hot Off the PTR!

I copied Kaliope and Krystella to the test realm yesterday to get a sneak peek at the 2.3 crafting goodies. As I was wandering Shattrath to locate the new Consortium daily quest givers (whom I did not find) I was buzzed by one of these (click image to see larger view):

My first 25-man raid + Prince Shaffar

My guild has just recently started trying Gruul's Lair, but I hadn't yet gotten in on a run until this past weekend. I purposely loitered about in the hopes that someone would notice and invite me, luckily that pathetic game plan actually worked out. Yay, I'm a raider again!

Oompa-Loompa Land

I hope everyone has been enjoying the Brewfest that Blizzard so kindly gave us this year. I made a point to collect a Wolpertinger for every one of my 60+ toons because there's no such thing as too many evil, rabid bunnies. I also did some runs with the ram-racing, but it gets kind of old after a few rounds. I was really hoping they'd give us some fun new recipes with the Brewfest, but alas all we got were some fairly ugly bar outfits.

It's Raining Epics!

Have you ever noticed how sometimes life just works in spurts? Kaliope (my druid) has just been plodding along on her various tasks, one of which was collecting the mats for the Shadowprowler Chestguard. I finally got all my ducks in a row and mailed my goodies to Squorgov and he mailed back the tunic (thank you Squorgie!!). Friday night I logged in to find it waiting in my mailbox and I happily set off to get some gems for it.

Handy Crafting Mod

I don't know about you guys, but I have five characters with some 12+ professions between them. Sometimes it's very hard to keep track of who knows what. In the course of my mod research, I found this nifty thing call Professions Book. This mod will scan all of your crafting recipes and then when you visit the Auction House, it will color code the listings so you can easily see which recipes your toons know and which ones they don't.

Living the WoW Life

My guild leader posted this on our forums and we got lots of laughs out of watching it at my house.  I thought I'd share for those of you who haven't seen them yet

First Primal Nether

I know, I'm horrifically lame. I haven't been running Heroics at all, aside from the one run I needed to get my epic flight form. I have four whole Badges of Justice in my bank, pretty sad eh? Anyway, my friend Squorgov generously offered to help me organize a Heroic run, I suspect out of guilt of all the Primal Nethers he's been scoring recently (heheh).

Report on Ragesteel Shoulders

This weekend I decided to get serious about the Ragesteel Shoulders farming project in the hopes that the frenzy window wasn't totally closed. I spent about 60 minutes the first day farming Enraged Air Spirits, then I switched to Enraged Fire Spirits for another 30 minutes. I gave up for the day at that point and was kind of on the fence about whether to continue.