Dancing with the Archmage

I'm weird.  I collect useless game items just because they make me laugh. I have a ridiculous amount of bag space devoted to Dragonbreath Chili, Preserved Holly, Hallowed Wands, Snowballs, Mr. Wiggles, Peasant Callers and more. I can't bear to part with my silly items, it may be a disease.

Yay for patchy goodness!

As I'm sure we've all noticed, the 2.2 patch finally came out on Tuesday. I spent a good chunk of time last night collecting my new Jewelcrafting recipes and made my first epic gem. Woot! I still have to visit the Caverns of Time and get their recipe, but the +24 attack power was my most critical item. Unfortunately adding it to my sockets has forced me to redo some of my other gems due to de-activating my meta gem. So that's been kind of annoying, I only have 5 sockets to work as it is.  I don't relish the idea of destroying multiple blue gems in order to get my meta gem back in action.

Crafting Skill Points - The Color System

I'm sure all of you are well aware of the various color rankings that go with tradeskills in terms of skill progression. Orange recipes are a guaranteed point (most of the time), yellow is a likely point, etc. During the Burning Crusade beta, I saw Thottbot start adding these color designations to their recipe listings and I definitely wondered where they were getting that information from. Obviously at the same time I was leveling various professions and taking my own notes, but I did not plan to add that information to my recipes. I considered that type of data to be more appropriate for the guides, but even there I've mostly left it out.

Exalted with Consortium - Woot!

Yes, I finally killed enough ethereals to reach Exalted with the Consortium. For my rogue, this has the double benefit of accessing the Relentless Earthstorm Diamond recipe in addition to a very nice epic dagger - the Guile of Khoraazi! I'm excited about the new dagger, it gives me a boost of 10dps on my main hand over the Ced's Carver I used to have. It's also the third epic I've gotten for my rogue, pretty nice considering she's only been to Karazhan one time and has done zero Heroics.

I'm sure everyone is still hoping for the patch tomorrow, I am also. We'll see if they end up doing an extended maintenance in the morning, that's always a good sign. Keep your fingers crossed!

Miscellaneous Drudgery

I know it's been awhile since I posted, but there's just not much going on at the moment. I've been grinding my Consortium rep to Exalted for the epic dagger + that nifty Diamond recipe. I've also been trying to hit Revered with Aldor for Korlyn and level two different pets (68 Dragonhawk, 62 Winterspring bear). Throw in the weekly Kara runs, ore farming, etc. and that pretty much covers my gaming time for a given week.