Engineering to 375... Again

As some of you may know, I leveled my Engineering to 375 on the PTR a couple of months ago when they patched the epic goggles into the game. Since that went live I haven't really been trying too hard to level up again, Blizz bummed me out when they added Primal Nethers to the goggles and I had no motivation to skill past 350 on my level 60 toon.

Where did the tanks go?

I had a discussion with my buddy Squorgov the other day that left me thinking. He said Warriors don't want to be tanks anymore, because their Protection tree is weak compared to the hybrid tank classes. Squorgov is a feral tank, so I assume he's more in touch with this stuff than me. Plus, I've actually had folks ask Kaliope to tank, even when I tell them I'm a Resto (healing) druid. So I suppose there could be some truth to this idea that true tanks are in rare supply.

New Leather recipes in Patch 2.2

I finally got around to screenshotting the new recipes for Leatherworkers in the upcoming patch. I'm having no luck getting actual links for you guys, so these screenshots are really the only way to share the new Patch stuff. The interesting bit is that Leatherworkers finally get a new cloak recipe. I'm really pleased to see that Blizzard hasn't forgotten we could do that. I'd love to see us get more ammo pouches and such too, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see on that.

Alchemy 300 to 350

After weeks of torture, I finally got my hand-me-down warlock to level 50 so he could become a Master Alchemist. In some ways it was almost anti-climatic because it only took me 15 minutes to go from 300 to 350. And most of that was due to bank->trainer->mailbox gyrations to grab the various herbs I'd collected for the big moment.

How do you Jewelcraft?

So I was reading posts on the WoW forums about how there are too many jewelcrafters and it's harder to make money now, plus the usual boohoo'ing about professions in general.

JC'ers: Get ready for more faction fun!

I just wanted to remind you fellow Jewelcrafters that when Patch 2.2 arrives we'll be getting our crafted epics. I've just updated my database with the new items, but unfortunately we can't get the mouse-over data for you because no one has it yet. I did put the gem stats in the Notes field so you can scope out which gems you want and start building faction if you don't have it already. They are ALL faction recipes, so you need to have your faction up with the group that sells your gems. For me this is The Consortium and the Keepers of Time for melee gems.

Lowbie run through ZF

This weekend me and my buddy Squorg(e/ov) decided to trade ZF runs with our forty-something toons that we are both tired of leveling. His alt is enchanting/JC and mine is an alchemist. I'm so close to the new BC pots I can taste it, but not enough to tackle this painful phase of grinding XP with any amount of enthusiasm. So I ran his shammy through ZF with my hunter and he ran my warlock through with his feral druid.

Blacksmithing at Max!!

So yesterday I finally hit 375 in Blacksmithing - woot!!!  I have to say I'm quite happy that I no longer have to farm Primal Fire.  Now that I've leveled all the secondary professions except Tailoring and Alchemy (which I hear is easy) I think I'd have to vote for Blacksmithing as the worst.  I mean, the leather farming was pretty annoying I grant you.  But farming Primal Fire or Primal Air has to be the top two worst tasks in the current game.  The normal spots are always camped, so it's near impossible to even get an area to yourself.  I had a slight advantage in that I am 3 time zones off of my server, so I took advantage of that.  But for folks who can't work the time thing, I pity you :(

New Jewelcrafting Goodies in the 2.2 Patch

I know, I've been remiss in reporting on the new designs for Jewelcrafters from the upcoming patch. Part of this has been my hesitancy to post new items on our site without hover data. But I've decided to forge ahead with the post despite the lack of site info and simply not include links. So you'll just have to be happy with the flat, boring, text version of the goodies, lol.

Prospecting Broken?

Ok, since my last post regarding Living Rubies, I've actually been documenting my prospected gems (just rares, not all).  I had hoped to give you guys an updated article today with some hard numbers from my week of prospecting.  This morning I had maybe a dozen stacks of ore to prospect as my final batch before writing up the results.  I had like 8 stacks of Fel Iron and 4 stacks of adamantite.  I prospected the first four and got...

BC Group Quests vs Old WoW

I'm not sure anyone else has noticed or commented on this in a meaningful way, but I thought I'd throw my 2cp out there and see what you guys think about the increase in group quests in the expansion. I don't know how many of you remember that far back, but prior to Burning Crusade we had just a few group quests that you could do and receive a blue item as a reward.