Hunter Luv...

I love my hunter.... well actually I love all my girls, but hunters are just damn cool! My hunter is beast-spec, which is so easy even I can do it.  But lately I've been working on my trapping skills so I won't suck quite so much when things go awry.  I even did a minor respec to put points into that trapping talent. Not that I actually plan to run instances with her, but you never know :)

Living Ruby, Wherefore Art Thou?

Has anyone else been experiencing a severe drought with Living Rubies? I know I sure have, I think I've gotten maybe one in the last month. Considering I've gotten 10+ of every other rare gem, I think this is a bit suspicious.

Enchanting Goodies in the 2.2 Patch

I know I've been remiss in getting the 2.2 information out there, but I've finally collected enough data from the PTR to justify a post. Unfortunately the recipe items when I first arrived had no mats/stats listed. Not terribly helpful.

Kaliope goes on a bender

Has anyone else been drinking lately? I'll have to admit, I was never that enthralled with virtual boozing. Ok, so your screen gets a bit fuzzy and you mess up your dialog to the amusement of your buddies. After a few minutes of that it pretty much loses it's entertainment value. But I was in Allerian Stronghold recently with Kaliope... fishing I believe. If any activity is tailor-made for drunkenness, this has to be it.

Oops, I did it again!

Sorry, couldn't resist that title!  I know you'll forgive me, rofl.  So I took Korlyn (my Blacksmithing hunter) out to Shadowmoon Valley this past week.  She's was at level 68 and I need to farm lots of Primal Fire to grind my final smithing points.  Aside from being unable to fly, Korlyn does pretty well surviving in SMV.  I've also been working on some quests there to help her level up, she actually just dinged 69 last night.

Blacksmithing 350-365

In case any of you missed my previous Beta posting on Smithing, I thought I'd revisit this particular stretch of the leveling process and add my current experiences to it. As you other Smiths probably know, expansion smithing is a serious horror. Since I knew going into it that I would be sucking up a ton of materials, I planned very carefully to traverse the path of least resistance.

Sneak Peek @ Patch 2.2

I arrived home on Saturday to discover that we had Patch Notes out for 2.2 -- and here I had no idea we had a new patch on the horizon! I've been working over the weekend to locate all the changed items and update my database, but I haven't completed the review yet. I didn't want to leave you guys in suspense though, so I thought I'd post my initial observations.

Kaliope's RL Journey

Yes, I'm stepping out of Azeroth for a week (gasp!) to take the kiddos on a RL summer vacation.  I'll be back with a new post on Monday, July 16th.  Try not to miss me too much.  ;-)

New Jewelcrafting Recipe

I don't know if anyone else has bothered to track this down, but I finally got around to buying that Mystic Dawnstone recipe that was recently added in Halaa.  There was actually a mention of it in the patch notes, I just didn't bother to pick it up since it's more of a PVP item.  Then yesterday I was on the WoW forums where folks seemed pretty excited about it and I thought I probably ought to go ahead and nab one.

First Crafted Epic

I just wanted to share how proud I am of myself for making my first piece of epic gear for Kaliope, my druid. It feels like quite an accomplishment, considering how hard it was to reach 375 in Leatherworking just to unlock the epic recipes. I'm glad that Blizzard gave me at least one item I could make that didn't require a Primal Nether, because I totally don't have one.

Changing Specialties (Smiths, LWers, Engies, etc)

I've been getting some questions and comments about how to change specialties and have been thinking for months about doing a write-up on this. Unfortunately I really didn't have any toons that I felt needed the change. And sorry, I didn't feel like blowing 200g just so I could change to something else and have to pay again to change back. I like you guys... but not that much.