Oops! I farmed =)

I know you hate stories like this, I do too. Which is why I totally have to share it <phht>!

New Cooking Recipes & Food

I don't know if anyone else has investigated the new 2.1.2 recipes that were added last week, but I finally got around to it a few days ago. These are some interesting items, but part of me is still trying to puzzle out the logic behind the additions. First we have Stewed Trout, which uses the same fish as the existing recipe for Blackened Trout. It seems strange to add a new recipe for a component that had an existing recipe, even if it did create a rather uninspiring food.

New Alchemy Recipes Online

Just wanted to let you guys know that I've updated the Alchemy listings with all the various discovery recipes.  I don't have any skill requirement listed on them since I'm not 100% clear on how that works, but they are online now.  I also have text in the notes that states which recipes are learned from Discovery:


Kali reaches 375 in Leatherworking

Yay! This morning I finally maxed out leatherworking, woot! I already updated my Leatherworking guide with some general information about getting to 375, but now that I've done it I will definitely add some additional tips.

2.1 Leatherworking Recipes Online

The new epic recipes from the 2.1 patch are now online at Crafter's Tome. There are some new reputation recipes that are basically resistance gear, presumably appropriate for the Black Temple.  The nice part is that they can all be purchased at Friendly/Honored reputation, so less faction grinding is required to access them.

The Blues of the Exalted

Now that I've reached Exalted with Netherwing, poor Krystella has nothing to do but farm ore and sell the gems. I hear the peons calling to me, in desperate need of discipline. Sad to say, I kind of miss some of the quests on Netherwing Ledge. The red-faced roar or the snoozy ZZZs of the disobedient peons, the excitement of spotting a smoky egg. You would think I'd be anxious to move on to something new, but there's nothing compelling on the landscape for me... *sigh*.

New Epic Jewelcrafting Recipes Up!

I've just added all of the epic recipes from the Scale of the Sands faction. They aren't terribly informative just yet, as I have no solid location for the faction vendor. Nor are there drop rates on the single drop recipe. You may also notice the lack of icons, this is because Allakhazam has no icons either :( But the mouse-over data is there, so you can view stats. And dream about how some day two years from now when your guild makes it to the Black Temple, you might be able to buy some of these. Heheh.

See new JC Recipes

Next on the hit list is Leatherworking...

Kali's Review of the new Armory Item Database

For those of you who missed it, Blizzard announced their official item database on Thursday as part of the new Armory site. It claims to have the most comprehensive item listings, in addition to the official seal of approval. Well of course I must investigate...

Exalted with Netherwing

Yes, today I finally reached Exalted with Netherwing. I'm also happy to say that I came in five days under my original estimate, due in part to many lucky Netherwing Egg drops. I had at least one per day and several days where I found 2-4 of them. I also managed to do a few of the group quests and most of the flying quests, which were not included in my original calculation. So the total time investment from start to finish was 18 days, with about 60-90 minutes of game time each day. That's not too bad, I think.

Heroic Sethekk - Ugh!

Why do I hate thee... let me count the ways. It takes five hours to clear you. You only have two bosses to give me Badges of Justice. You have too many trash mobs.

I Feel Pretty... Oh So Pretty!

There I was on the Twilight Plateau in Nagrand, killing those Deathsworn people. Ok, Krystella was doing the actual killing, for the Netherwing quest. This is a very delicate process, there are elites pathing everywhere. Except for the pats that run around with stealth-busting dogs. Anyway, so I'm working a lineup of casters this morning. First I wait for the elite to path by, then I sap one and kill his buddy. Then wait for the elite again, sap a new one and kill his buddy. It takes awhile - no free kills here.

Underbog... Fishing?

Ok, I had no serious intention of trying this.  But I got invited to a quickie UB run to help out a guildie yesterday, so I thought "why not?".  I mean, I was there and all.  Unfortunately I wasn't able to stick around after we cleared, I had errands to run.  But I camped inside the instance hoping I'd be able to pop in later and wander at my leisure.

Misc Notes from the 2.1.1 "patch"

I dunno about the rest of you, but I'm getting dang tired of the lag! I can't even bear to play during prime-time anymore, I purposely fart around until midnite (9pm to me) before I even log in. After last week came and went with no improvement in lag after maintenance, I was really hoping they would do something about it this week. Yet somehow, the lag actually seems worse than it did before! Good grief Blizzard, deal with it!!

Heroic Sethekk, Here I Come (Druid Epic Quest)

Last night I finally hit Revered with the Lower City. I was very lucky to be invited to a guild group that was going to Shadow Labs just to farm rep. Which means I didn't have to deal with a crappy PUG and I didn't have to be tortured by the horrid boss fights. We just cleared to the first boss and reset :) Considering how annoying Shadow Labs can be, this was a much nicer way to get my rep without the stress of repeated wipes.