Netherwing = Revered

This morning Krystella hit Revered with Netherwing - woohoo!! I've had really good luck with the Netherwing eggs, averaging one per day. I'm sure this helped me make good progress, it's taken me about 10 days to go from Neutral to Revered. Once again, I haven't really been pushing myself on it. I think I spent about two hours per day in the first few days. Once I reached Friendly and opened up more daily tasks, I cut back to about an hour/90 minutes a day.

Druid Epic Mount Quest, Pt 4

After all the excitement of the guardian quests, I was looking forward to a true "easy mode" task. I turned in my various essences and picked up the last step. Turns out it wasn't quite as simple as I thought. I didn't really pay attention to the tips on this quest and I probably should have. So I walked up, clicked the pearly orb in Azshara and prepared to hearth back home.

Druid Epic Mount Quest, Pt 3

When we last left off, Kaliope had spent way too much money acquiring tank gear so she could take down the first "guardian". Next up was the caster fight which supposedly required cat form.

May Movie Madness

Ok, so I ran into an interesting and entertaining bug on the PTR a few weeks ago and decided to do a video capture to preserve the moment for posterity. Of course I felt a need to take advantage of the situation and turn it into a full blown event in it's own right. It's been sitting around on my hard drive since then, waiting for me to have the spare time to turn it into an actual WoW movie.

And now I present Korlyn a.k.a Hatchet Girl in her movie debut... enjoy!

Hatchet Girl
(click image to view movie)

More Netherwing: Honored in 5 days

This morning (Saturday) I hit Honored with Netherwing. I didn't even turn in my daily quests yet, just a few of the 'one time' quests. My buddy Squorge came out and helped me kill Arvoar and the Den Mother, a group quest involving elites. There's actually a reward for that quest, so it's worth doing if you can use one of the rewards from it. They are actually quite nice for greens, I'm seriously considering replacing my Fel Leather Gloves with these. Mostly because I can't stand having no STA or AGI on an item, who wants to be a glass cannon?

Druid Epic Mount Quest, Pt 2

First of all, I'd like to say that the druid epic quest line gets ugly once you get to the 'Guardian' steps. They aren't really bosses as such, but they are super tough mobs. I've done the first two and I have one more to go at this point. I did a fair amount of research on the WowWiki, Thottbot, Allakhazam so I would know what to expect. I have to say that everyone else on this quest either has super duper gear or I just suck that much. The Wiki says all these bosses are soloable. All the posters on Thottbot and Allakhazam say these bosses are soloable. I think these people are full of crap.

Jewelcrafting Update

I just quickly wanted to let everyone know that I've added some of the 2.1 Jewelcrafting recipes to Crafter's Tome. This includes all of the new trainer recipes. I tried getting them from Tatiana in Honor Hold, but she didn't seem to have them when I was there on Thursday.

"Work is Da POOP!"

Heheh, for those of you who haven't gotten to Friendly with Netherwing yet, I highly encourage you to do it just for this quest.  Blizzard is finally catching on that we enjoy the fun and silly quests more than the grinding ones and they are bringing some of our favorites back with this newest patch. 

Krystella makes friends with the Netherwing

So the other major activity I've been focusing on since Tuesday is the new Netherwing faction quests. This quest hub is a notable departure from other faction grinds. First of all, they've introduced the concept of a "Daily" quest. This is a repeatable quest, but can only be done once a day. This is meant to cut down on the abusive farming that some players (and farmers) will do while effectively monopolizing a given area. I also noticed that most of the quest drops are soulbound, which should also help.

Imp Fishing

I actually had no intention of fishing today, but I had 10 minutes to kill before I was leaving for an errand, so I figured why not fish while I wait?  I plopped a cheapie bauble on my fishing pole and wandered near Allerian Stronghold looking for Darter Pools.  I actually found two of them and got myself 4 Golden Darters.  Then I just picked a spot and fished with the remainder of my bauble timer.  I ended up getting a total of 31 fish in ten minutes, including a few more darters.  Pretty good for 10 minutes of work.  I wasn't really expecting to be impressed with the new "imp" fishing, but I have to say that the change seems to have made a significant impact.  For those of you who waited to finish leveling up, time to get out those poles!

Druid Epic Mount Quest, Pt 1

So I spent part of my first day (of Patch 2.1) working on the new epic flyer quest for my druid, Kaliope. The other part has been working the Netherwing faction, which I'll post separately. This quest line has been easy and fairly enjoyable so far, I think I'm about halfway through it. For those who don't know, you need epic mount training to even access the quest line. To get the first step, you should visit the druid trainer in Moonglade, he can start the quest for you. He sends you to the Cenarion Refuge where you begin the first actual quest.

And so it goes...

It would appear that I was right in my post last week regarding the 2.1 patching process. As soon as I logged in last night and saw the "extended maintenance" message, I was pretty sure this was the real deal. Turns out I was right about that <nyah nyah!>.  I was also right about that PTR button, it was grayed out when I loaded my client this afternoon.

By special request - Epic Tribal Update

I know I neglected to include the Epic Tribal set, I assumed that all you other druids out there are now Feral and wouldn't particularly care. At least in my guild all the other druids went feral, I'm one of maybe two of us that are still Resto (and I'm fence-sitting atm). But Trevor has called me on my omission, so here is the updated Windhawk set from the PTR:

Windhawk Tribal LW Updates

Epic LW Upgraded Sets

By special request, I bring you the PTR version (as of 5/15) of the Hunter, Rogue and Shammy crafted epic leather sets.

Click to see full size image...

Ebon Netherscale Armor Set

Netherstrike Armor Set Upgrade

Primalstrike Armor Set Upgrade

If there are any other craftables on the PTR that anyone wants a sneak peek of, please let me know :)

Patch Day Blues

I don't know about you guys, but my guild has been all abuzz with anticipation about today. Will we be getting our patch 2.1? Well my prediction last night was "unlikely" and it appears I was right about that. The main reason I had doubts: downtime window too short.

Leatherworking update + farming

I have been stalled with LW since I hit 355, I'm sure the rest of you know this particular spot. It's when the green mail recipes dry up and we're forced to make blue stuff. Well I just haven't had the time to farm copious amounts of leather and primals with all the other things I've been doing, so Kali just sat at 355 for weeks.

*sigh* Engineering nerfed already

Well I'd been seeing some talk on the official forums about the latest PTR patch adding Primal Nethers to the epic helm recipes. At first I was in denial - I did not want to think about it. Then after seeing it again in a different thread I decided to take a deep breath and log into the PTR to check my recipe. Sure enough... it now requires a Primal Nether.

Fishing to 375

I finally hit 375 in Fishing yesterday - woot! Getting your fishing up is no small task, let me tell ya. Thank goodness they are making some much needed changes in the next patch.  It won't make the grind significantly faster, but it should cut down the frustration level.

The Big Unveiling!

Let me take you on a little time-traveling journey to Christmas 2006. I wanted to buy a cool gaming t-shirt for my brother while unbeknownst to me, hubbie also wanted to find a cool shirt for me.

My First Heroic Instance

I realize some of you uber people have probably been doing heroic dungeons for months, but Kaliope just got her first key a couple of weeks ago. Plus she's been trying to get through all the Karazhan pre-requisite quests, so I hadn't had a good opportunity to try a heroic instance yet. But last night I not only got my key frag from the Black Morass thanks to a great guild group (TY-Oldone, Dirtybirdy, Badmonkey & Squeekie!), I also got a stab at my first Heroic run.

A Few Random 2.1 Nuggets

I noticed a couple of new things on the PTR this past week that don't really qualify as a full post on their own.  But I thought you guys might want the heads-up.