Ding! Engineering = 375

Ok, on the test server.  But my cute little gnome warrior has a very nice epic helm to celebrate, rofl.  I finally got all my ore collected and smelted and I was able to max out Engineering tonight.  Most of the time lag was due to mailing items back and forth, since my Engineer does not mine and can't smelt her own ore.  Otherwise things went very smoothly, actually better than I anticipated.

Engineering Goodies from 2.1 PTR

I know, I keep writing about the upcoming patch. But hey, that's what you pay me for right? So anyway, I took Kayree to the test server to check out the new recipes from the Engineering trainer. I was only able to see the warrior gear, I will have to steal my son's hunter so I can get the mail recipes. I have no clue how I'm going to get leather or cloth, I'll probably have to recruit you guys to help out with that =)

Epic Mount Quests

Well I finally got enough cash to my girls on the test server to purchase epic riding skill for both of them. I went back to the Netherwing quest starter in Shadowmoon Valley with Krystella and the quest was now open to her after she had the riding skill. The same is true for Kaliope. After purchasing the epic riding skill, the trainer in Moonglade was now offering the epic druid quest. So the moral of the story is... no epic riding skill, no quest.

New Recipes from Patch 2.1

I know I said that I haven't been able to find many of the new recipes, but I thought it would be nice to post what I have so you guys can see them. Most of these are reputation recipes, so this might be useful info for those who need to work on their rep before the patch goes live.

Recipe Hide & Seek... more 2.1 updates

I've spent the afternoon visiting all the known vendors in Outland, including faction vendors.  Sadly, I'm having trouble finding some of these new recipes that are supposedly being added.  I only found one of the new Alchemy recipes (CE faction) one Engineering and one Jewelcrafting recipe (both Consortium).  I have yet to see any recipes on a normal vendor, but I'm still checking them.  I did find the two new Alliance Cooking recipes at Toshley's Station as promised.  As for the others, they either they really hid them really well -- like on instance vendors (sorry haven't checked those yet) or they added them as drop loot :(

The Skinny on Skinning in Patch 2.1

Well, I have some good news and some bad news. Or I guess you could more accurately say that reviews are mixed. I'm not sure what to tell you guys really. I did two tests of skinning on the test realm and one went well, one did not. I guess you'll have to be the judge:

Mining Nerf? A closer look at the 2.1 change

Despite the constant (and I do mean constant) outages on the test server, I've managed to do a bit of testing on the new mining changes. The biggest thing I've identified is the "proximity" nerf. Basically this means that you must stand within 1-2 feet of the node in order to mine it. No more standing at max range to avoid mobs, you're going to have to be on top of the thing. To my mind this is the biggie - the most significant change that was made.

BM Skinning vs World Skinning

The gauntlet has been thrown, the challenge has been issued. The showdown is on! And the winner is.... Black Morass <take a bow>.

Patch Notes 2.1 Commentary

As some of you may know, Blizzard has released their full patch notes for tradeskills in the upcoming content update. The test server also went up today, so I will be spending some time this weekend testing some of the changes. At the top of my testing list is mining (supposedly nerfed) and skinning (supposedly de-nerfed).

Skinning in the Black Morass

You should all know by now that I am willing to do anything to bring you the scoop when it comes to crafting. I trashed my Scryer rep to demonstrate how to switch between Scryer and Aldor. Krystella still hasn't recovered, she continues to plod slowly through Honored. Not to mention all the stealth mining missions, which involved much dying and repairing.

Beware the evil Void Kitty of Doom!

Ok, sometimes you do a quest two times, three times, or in my case five times. Amazingly, you can still learn something new. For example, I did not realize that Blacksting's poison would turn my kitty black. So when Korlyn was wandering around Zang and realized she still needed to kill the papa bee, we thought this would be just another notch on our uber-hunter belt.

New Profession Goodies

It would seem that BRK is more on the ball than me... what can I say except that the official WoW forums are such a mess that it's painful to troll them. At any rate, I've reviewed the list of changes that are slated for the 2.1.0 patch and my first reaction is... "AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!"

First Aid 300-375 (guide update)

300-375: First Aid in the Expansion

Our level cap has been raised to 375 and now we are faced with leveling the First Aid skill once again. Because the caps of every other skill have been raised as well, this means you will be competing with Tailors for runecloth. Hopefully you were smart and saved some of your runecloth from before the Burning Crusade.

Most Recipe Lists Now Complete

Just a quick FYI to those of you who've been tracking our debate over the recipe listings, I have completed almost all of the categories with the missing data.  Every tradeskill except Blacksmithing has all of known recipes in our database.  I still need to work on Blacksmithing, but I wanted to let everyone know that the other categories are fully updated now :)

Calling all Artists!

We here at Crafter's Tome (and my blog) have been looking for ways to generate revenue from the site. Shocking right? We tried Google ads, but unfortunately they interpret our content a bit too literally, which wasn't terribly useful to anyone.

Woot! I'm a farmer :)

I set a task for myself this week to try farming one of the BoP jewelcrafting recipes and see how horrible it was.  I'm not a farmer by nature, spending hours killing the same mob over and over bores me to tears.  Usually I don't have a problem just sharing various drops  amongst all my girls.  Between four toons I generally end up with what I need.