Update on Quality vs Quantity

First of all, I want to thank all the people that voted in our poll. I especially want to thank those of you who commented on our previous blog post and said so many nice things about Crafter's Tome. It means a lot to me that our users appreciate what we do and are so active in helping us build a quality resource for the WoW community.

GemList Review

On the advice of users and guildies alike, I finally broke down and installed GemList. I'm not one of those people who likes to add lots of plug-ins to my WoW interface, I prefer to keep the clutter to a minimum if I can. I also have concerns about bogging my computer down with all the extras, since it has a tendency to be laggy sometimes.

Update! Cooking 300-375

With the Burning Crusade upon us, Cooking has been expanded to a new cap of 375. Even more importantly, new buff foods have been added that not only help with the new level grind but are sure to become staples of the raider's repertoire. Luckily Blizzard has made it quite easy to level Cooking -- to a point.

Quality vs Quantity

The standard debate for so many things in life. This debate has also been raging for Crafter's Tome pretty much since Beta. I went into Beta with the intent of manually researching all the new content and documenting it for my site. I had no idea at that time how much new information there would be, I guess I thought it would me more like the Argent Dawn or AQ events. Boy was I wrong!

Ground Dweller's Blues

<scritcha scritcha --- scritcha scritcha --- POOF!> <growl>

I feel pretty ~ Oh so pretty!

I don't know if anyone else has noticed this, but Blizzard made a nice and welcome change to the dropped armor. It used to be that if you wanted matching gear, you had to purchase items that spanned 5 levels to do it. This got to be really annoying - by the time all your gear matched the lower pieces were well overdue for an upgrade.

Meta Gem 101

Last week I was searching online for information about meta gems since Krystella had just gotten a new helm with a meta gem slot (from the quest in Steamvaults). Aside from one very funky page on WoWWiki that reads more like a forum thread than a Wiki page, there was not much. Hmm, this looks like a job for super-crafter!!! <rofl>

Stealthing the Mana Tombs

I started joining groups for the Mana Tombs with Krystella to gain faction with The Consortium. On my first trip there, I noticed an adamantite node that was not close to any mobs. This prompted a mental note to come back and investigate more closely for stealth farming purposes. Yesterday I went back and took notes on what I found.

Killing Count Chocula

I have a confession to make... I take perverse delight in killing "Count" Ungula. I don't know why I do it. In Beta I killed him extra times, just because I happened to be riding by. The quest was over, I didn't need to do it. It just tickled me to death to take him out, I found him so funny that I couldn't resist his charms. I can't explain this unseemly desire beat him up over and over, I don't know why I did it.

Underbog/SP Stealthing Nerf

My comment area is all abuzz (and by abuzz I mean - dang!!) with chatter about the supposed nerf of Slave Pens and Underbog. Considering how much noise this was generating I decided to investigate for myself and try to put the rumors to rest.

WoW! Neat new feature on Blizz site

I'm not one to pass around generic WoW news, but I'm having fun playing with the Armory feature they just launched yesterday.  They are calling it a Beta, but it looks like they are gearing up for the new Arena system and clearly they needed something like this to support it.  I just like that I can spy on my girls, heh.



Now you can all spy on me and tell me my gear sucks, my spec is all wrong, etc, etc.  You can also confirm that I have the crafting abilities I talk about here and even keep an eye on my progress if that floats your boat.  This is a pretty major addition to the WoW site, I'm just curious to see how this whole arena thing is going to work.