Enchanting list - now filter by slot!

I'm very excited to announce that Mikros has just added the ability to view Enchanting recipes by slot to our recipe list on Crafter's Tome.  This is a feature I've never seen before on a WoW site and yet have desperately wanted to have for a long time.  Check it out and tell us what you think:

Enchanting Recipes

Fishing 300+ the easy way

We had a poster on the CT forums asking where to level his fishing and what the best location in Outland is.  Well, for those of you familiar with the way Fishing works, you know that you can go anywhere and get skill-ups.  With that thought in mind, I decided to head to my favorite pre-expansion fishing spot: Feralas.

Lunar Festival = More recipes!

Engineers and Tailors get your running shoes on. The Lunar Festival started today and that means new recipes for us. I'm currently running Kayree all over Kalimdor to collect coins of ancestry.

Major update to Tailoring

Just a quick note that I added all the new trainable Tailoring recipes to Crafter's Tome last night.  I also did a full review of the existing trainer recipes 1-300 and corrected a number of errors in the older data.  There are appropriate trainers listed for each tier of recipes now (Alliance only at this time, Horde coming soon).  I double-checked all the slot data to ensure that those filters will work properly.  So those of you who use the tailoring list should have lots of new info to play with now :)

My first fan sighting :)

I'll keep this short, I just wanted to give a shout out to Krallius of Llane (lvl 65 Pally). Most of the time since release I've been playing Krystella so she can level up and get faction with the various groups for JC recipes. But he managed to spot me during a rare moment with Kaliope, who was trying to do the V-Day quests

Stealth Farming the Underbog - Update!

WOOT - SUCCESS!!! After my last foray into the Underbog I actually returned a second time yesterday and died probably a dozen times trying the get past the naga sentries.

New filtering options available

Yes, I know this isn't really a crafting post ;P But we made a bunch of updates to our crafting database which make it much easier to sift through the huge volume of new recipes and find what you are looking for. Specifically I think crafters and non-crafters can benefit from the new "Gem" and "Meta Gem" options we've created within the Slot section.

Guide to Burning Crusade Faction Recipes

Ok, you know it's bad when you researched all the various recipes and you still can't keep track of them all! I was trying to keep tabs on which faction level I need to hit with each profession. Not an easy job when you have 4 crafters and 5 tradeskills among them.

Stealth farming the Underbog

Well I decided that the next exciting mission for Krystella should be stealth farming a dungeon. Since the Underbog is the only dungeon I know with herbs/ore, that's where I went. Of course it helps that I am higher than most of the mobs in there too ;)

Honor Hold for Lowbies

I was asked this question a number of times during the beta period: Can I bring a low-level toon into the new zones? I was never able to provide a firm answer while I was in beta. But now that I'm on my regular server with all my guildies, I decided to test this out.