Switching to Scryer from Aldor

Welcome to Part Two of my adventures in faction flipping!

Switching to Aldor from Scryer

One of the hot issues that seems to be on everyone's mind is: Should I pick Aldor or Scryer? It's a tough question and as many of you have discovered, there's no going back. Well in light of all the controversy I thought I'd use poor Krystella as a guinea pig and see if she could find a definitive answer for you.

Rare JC Recipes

Well I bought my first rare jewelcrafting recipe yesterday for 200g. I have mixed feelings about this

Forums Debut on Crafter's Tome

My developer hubby Mikros has just flipped the switch on our new forums for Crafter's Tome!

Want Forums?

Gern (one of our readers) has suggested that maybe a forum would be a good addition to the site. Seeing how many comments we've been getting since BC went live, I tend to agree with this. I also know that forums which cater specifically to WoW tradeskills are woefully inadequate, so a useful home for us crafting weirdos would really be a good thing.

JC: Prospecting Levels for Ore

As you know by now, prospecting a certain type of ore requires a specific level in jewelcrafting skill.

Mithril Prospecting

A chart of the 200 mithril ore I prospected, for those curious about how many and what types of gems you can get:

JC Live update: the changes

As I mentioned, I'm re-leveling jewelcrafting on my live server (Llane) and I took notes on a few of the changes I noticed.

JC 365-371

My last jewelcrafting post until I re-level on the live server. I'll definitely post any updates or changes I find, so check back with me in a day or two.

Beta World Event pics!!

I've spent all afternoon wading through the screenshots I took of the world event that took place on Thursday for the end of Closed Beta. I used Google's Picasa service to give everyone a way to view them easily. I highly recommend using the "Slideshow" button above the first image so you can see them in full screen mode.

Enchanting 325-350

Wow, clearly I needed to write an Enchanting post before now. Well this afternoon before the Beta servers went down (for good?) I got Kayree to 350. I'm pretty happy with that actually, given how difficult it can be to level enchanting.

Leatherworking recipes now online

I've just completed all the trainer recipes for Leatherworking, including the brand new modifications to the specialty system.

Master Crafter Requirements

Folks have started asking this so I thought I'd go ahead and post this up.  I'm conversing with the Grand Master Leatherworker and in the training window the requirements for Master Leatherworking are:

Level 50
Leatherworking 275

I can only assume the other primary tradeskills are the same.

For the secondary skills, the book you have to purchase says:

Requires Cooking 300

No level requirement mentioned...

... So there you have it direct from the trainers themselves.

Yay, I'm in!

OMG, what a horror! They started a test on Monday for a realm split, they didn't manage to get the servers back up until this morning sometime. But some of us were still unable to log on due to some very strange and misleading problems with the login servers.

Beta server still down :(

Well I had a whole second day of no beta time, which is really impeding my ability to get recipes online for Crafter's Tome. Out of boredom I downloaded the patch for the live server. I noticed that the patch notes said they completely wiped the specialties for Leatherworking and Blacksmithing. So I spent most of this evening investigating that.

For you smiths out there, I updated our Blacksmithing list with all of today's changes, as well as all the trainer recipes for each specialty. So I believe our blacksmithing list is pretty complete now.

Burning Crusade Guide + Enchanting & Engineering Recipes

Sorry, no new posts yesterday

They took the beta servers down at lunch yesterday and they haven't been up since.  I did my usual morning mining rounds, posted up some auctions and such and that was it before the outage.  So I didn't do anything exciting today in Beta and I have nothing new to report :(

Some WoW humor in Stormspire

After getting my Consortium rep up to Friendly in the Mana Tombs, I poked around on Thottbot to see where the Consortium vendor was hiding. Turns out he's in Netherstorm, so I headed over there. While I was wandering around town and visiting all the various vendors, I found a couple of cute NPCs that I thought I'd share with you:

A trip to the Mana Tombs (64-67)

Well I had a pretty exciting day today! I had just meandered my way to Nagrand (level 65-67, think STV+Mulgore) to work on some quests I had there and got a tell from a group of folks looking for a healer for the Ring of Blood. I'd heard people talking about this in general chat but had no clue whether it was an instance or quest. Turns out it was a pretty cool quest in northern Nagrand. I don't want to spoil it too much but it's kinda like Fight Club, WoW style =)

The BC Economy, what to expect

I got another good question from Madphil last night that I wanted to share with everyone, since one of the major issues for WoW players is money. He wants to know how much the mob drops in BC are worth, in terms of how well players can build up their cash for the new flying mounts. I understand why folks are concerned and why the 5k mount cost would be scary. I can confirm that they’ve ratcheted the economy in BC up to the next level. The basic flying mount (equivalent to our 40g mount) is 1000g and the swift flying mount (equivalent to our epic mount) is 5000g. It’s the same basic concept, most players will have 1000g by the time they hit level 70 to purchase the basic mount. More financially aggressive folks will probably be able to attain the 5000g for the swift gryphon, but the casuals probably won’t have that kind of cash. Or if they do they won’t want to blow it all in that fashion.

Horde Grand Master Trainers


I got a question a couple of days ago from a reader who wanted to know if I was researching the Hordie trainers for my site. Sadly I had not tackled this yet, although I want to get them online at some point. So I decided to do a stealth mission to Thrallmar to see how much I could scope out in kitty form.

Blacksmithing 340-360

Aldor vs Scryer

I got another great question from Channa today that I thought I'd share with all of you. You may have heard by now that the main city in the Outlands (Shattrath City) is neutral, but houses two conflicting factions. Players must choose a faction to affiliate with and gain access to banking facilities, etc. Once you become friends with one group - you will be an enemy of the other. These two groups are the Aldor and the Scryers. According to the WowWiki, the Aldor are an ancient order of Draenei priests and the Scryers are a group of Blood Elves who broke away from Prince Kael'thas. Both groups now compete to win favor with the Naaru who control Shattrath City.

Another dungeon: The Underbog

Yes, last night I went on another dungeon run. I had like 4 quests in The Underbog and I wanted to see what kind of XP I could get doing that instead of questing. So I plopped myself into the LFG system and went about my business. After 10 minutes or so I got one person added to my party, then another 5 minutes later a second. We sat in the queue for 10-15 minutes and then they got bored and left. I waited another 10-15 minutes and got another person joining in. Her name was Assarisa and I chatted with her a bit while we waited to see if anyone else would show up. A few minutes later we got another groupmate. At this point Assarisa started trying to recruit a couple more folks to see if we could get the show on the road. I got a /tell from a warlock who wanted in too. So we found a rogue and I invited the lock and we headed out. At this point we had druid (me), hunter (Assarisa), warrior, rogue and lock as our group composition. I seem to always end up with this mix, lol. At any rate, the LFG queue seems to work much like the BG queues. Just bop in and keep soloing until your group fills up, which was fine by me. Must less boring than standing around IF spamming the LFG channel.

Leatherworking 330-345

Last night I finally collected enough leather (3+ stacks) to move up another 5 points to 345, so it's time for a new leatherworking post.