Hot Off the PTR!

I copied Kaliope and Krystella to the test realm yesterday to get a sneak peek at the 2.3 crafting goodies. As I was wandering Shattrath to locate the new Consortium daily quest givers (whom I did not find) I was buzzed by one of these (click image to see larger view):

Flying Mounts for Engineering

I popped my flight form to try and catch the guy, but he was gone. Luckily I found two others loitering near the bank who were still enough for me to get this screenie. Clearly the new Engineering flyers are creating a Christmas-like frenzy, I did not expect to see completed flyers this quickly. Rest assured that I have copied my engineer Kayree over to the PTR so I can found out what the mats are for you guys. I'm sure all of you other die-hard gearheads out there would like to get a jump start on the gathering process!


  1. Kal - Thanks for that, though, unless you have a special PTR, the current test release is for 2.3 :-D Also, mats for the flyers are: for the normal one, for the epic ones. I found the mats requirements very reasonable - and my favourite small touch is that the Hula Girl Doll for the epic is a trinket sold by - you guessed it - Griftah!

  2. Can you comment please on the cooking daily quests? I've been trying to get more info about them but no luck, and I can't get into the PTR (can't copy my char), the server is always too busy.

  3. I assume you mean 2.3 and not 2.4? Hopefully the mats for the engineer flying mounts won't change between now and live. I've got mine ready!

  4. Flying Machine

    Adamantite Frame (2)
    Fel Iron Bar (30)
    Handful of Fel Iron Bolts (8
    Star Wood (8
    Fel Iron Toolbox
    Elemental Seaforium Charge (4)

    Turbo-Charged Flying Machine

    Flying Machine (1)
    Khorium Power Core (8
    Felsteel Stabilizer (8
    Hula Girl Doll

  5. Yes, I mean 2.3, thanks for pointing that out. And yes, I've already grabbed a copy of the mats to post. And yes, I plan to investigate the new cooking and fishing changes if I can figure out where they are :)

  6. Nice thread by Boondockus with some good info. Apparently the cooking quest is given by The Rokk, a goblin by the Arrakoa tree house.

  7. What if I actually provide the link this time?

  8. Im waiting for your cooking-fishing post :p a nice addidion will be tha fish tracking on the map... cant wait to see it