Most Recipe Lists Now Complete

Just a quick FYI to those of you who've been tracking our debate over the recipe listings, I have completed almost all of the categories with the missing data.  Every tradeskill except Blacksmithing has all of known recipes in our database.  I still need to work on Blacksmithing, but I wanted to let everyone know that the other categories are fully updated now :)


  1. I am curious about these new flask potions that apparently you can "randomly learn" while making other BC potions. Can anyone confirm this or have any info?

    BTW I love this site, very well organized and set up.

  2. Hi Yagmak - thanks for stopping by! It sounds like you are talking about the 'discovery' potions for Alchemy. We have a thread about them in the forums if you want to know more. We only have one person confirming that they successfully discovered something, but it might provide some useful info:

  3. Thanks! I will check it out.