Some WoW humor in Stormspire

After getting my Consortium rep up to Friendly in the Mana Tombs, I poked around on Thottbot to see where the Consortium vendor was hiding. Turns out he's in Netherstorm, so I headed over there. While I was wandering around town and visiting all the various vendors, I found a couple of cute NPCs that I thought I'd share with you:

Potent Potables

I got a good laugh when I read this guys job title - someone is clearly a fan of SNL's Jeopardy skits (or the real Jeopardy, but I prefer to think it's SNL's version)

Me & Eyonix

Guess who I found lurking at the Inn... looks like someone is getting ready to quit his day job and open his own Bed & Breakfast! It's all you irate forum posters, you've driven him to it!!!


  1. So what exactly did Sadaqat sell?


  2. He sold potions and such - I bought 3 major mana potions off him for 60s each. Of course there are better mana pots now for casters, but major mana is still good enough for my hunter. Plus - what a deal!