Master Crafter Requirements

Folks have started asking this so I thought I'd go ahead and post this up.  I'm conversing with the Grand Master Leatherworker and in the training window the requirements for Master Leatherworking are:

Level 50
Leatherworking 275

I can only assume the other primary tradeskills are the same.

For the secondary skills, the book you have to purchase says:

Requires Cooking 300

No level requirement mentioned...

... So there you have it direct from the trainers themselves.


  1. Hm, a problem will probably be how a lvl 50 can get to those trainers if you have to be lvl 58 to pass through the dark portal. Or can a mage create a portal for you?

  2. Yes, I think the only loophole that might work for someone under 58 would be to have a mage portal them over. I really have no idea if this works, but surely lots of folks will try it when the expansion goes live.

  3. Surely a warlock summon will work too?

  4. Again, that remains to be seen. I've heard no anecdotal evidence of this, but I'm sure in Beta most folks are either leveling from scratch (Draenei or BE toons) or playing their 60 toons that they copied over. So the need for this type of activity is probably quite low on beta. For most issues I've heard ppl chatting in General forums about problems they've experienced or questions they have, but I've never heard this topic come up. I assume this means not many people have tried this or need to try it, so it will probably remain largely untested until release.

  5. I just wanted to confirm that our guild did successfully summon a lvl 29 to Shattrath City.

  6. Thanks for sharing that Daffnae, that's the first comment we've heard about mage portals for lowbies. Also, I have personally confirmed that warlock summons also work for bringing lowbies out.