Thorium Prospecting: Blow thru 90 ore in 90 seconds

Here's a quick rundown of two of my prospecting sessions with Thorium:

#1: Blue Sapphire, Powder
#2: Huge Emerald, Star Ruby, Powder
#3: Powder
#4: Star Ruby, Powder
#5: Large Opal, Powder
#6: Azerothian Diamond, Powder
#7: Azerothian Diamond, Star Ruby, Powder
#8: Powder
#9: Powder
#10: Powder (sells to vendor for 8 silver each)

Session Two
#1: Azerothian Diamond, Large Opal, Powder
#2: Star Ruby, Powder
#3: Blue Sapphire, Powder
#4: Powder
#5: Star Ruby, Star Ruby, Powder
#6: Large Opal, Powder
#7: Large Opal, Powder
#8: Powder

This consumed about 90 pieces of thorium ore, so this is no small undertaking to acquire a decent amount of gems. I was pleased to see that the general ratio of gems/ore has been fairly steady since the early stages. It looks like I'm getting an 80-90% gem rate, roughly.

I haven't really prospected any Fel Iron yet, at this point I'm having trouble collecting it in any reasonable quantity.


  1. BTW, really appreciate what you've done here, it's a huge leg up come the 16th!

  2. Have you tried prospecting mithril ore? What range of gems dropped from that? How about some of the more esoteric ores, like silver, truesilver, or dark iron?

  3. Hi Stwaldo, thanks for stopping by! I think I only prospected a stack of mithril, I guess I didn't mention it in my blog. In general prospecting an ore will drop the same gems that you'd get by mining it. Sometimes you get an upgrade or downgrade, but that's the general rule.

    None of the uncommon ores can be prospected, only base ores (copper, tin, iron, mithril, thorium, fel iron, adamantite). If it's green - it's not prospectable.

  4. Thanks for posting this, you were the first result on Google for "wow prospecting thorium" which means you provide the kind of info everyone wanted, including me!

    Thanks for the raw data, its exactly what I needed to know!


  5. I just prospected a couple stacks of Mithril and received the following gems: Citrine, Star Ruby and Aquamarine.

    Hope that helps a bit.

    (Sorry, dont have any numbers)

  6. Any of u tried prospecting adamantite. In case u have what is the things recived out of it?

  7. Yes, I've prospected adamantite. You mostly get the same gems that are prospected from fel iron. If you want to view a chart, there's one in the Jewelcrafting archive :)